Jun 8 2010It's A Bird...It's A Plane...It's Superm-- Wait, Who The F*** Are You Supposed To Be Exactly?


This is a really crappy superhero (read: superfailro) action figure picked up at some toy show. He's a combination of at least four popular crime-fighters. Basically he's got Spiderman's body, painted like Superman's, but with Batman's cape (dyed red), Iron Man's arc-reactor (also red) and a face only a mother could love. Wow, what can't this guy do? I mean, besides keep all his secret identities straight. You're gonna have every supervillain in the world knocking at your door, SuperDissociativeIdentityDisorderMan!

Super-Spider-Man [weirdotoys]
Ugly Superman Spider-Man Hybrid Toy [jazjaz]

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sup-pid-ron man...

lol @ the light not even being centered...quality product folks, quality product.

so you press on his peener to make him light up? cool. i want one.

Holy Double-Forehead Batman!!

I had that Spider-man (I mena, the original body) when I was a kid. I never understood it. You could open his chest, put one of several films with pictures of spider-man, press the button and the guy's chest would project the picture on the wall...

I think I just played with the light, pretending it was some weird mutant power.

for some reason, I want one of these

I know that face. It's Arthur Fonzarelli! Ayyyyyyyy.

that's superman or something

You can find crazy shit like this in the shops on the AZ / Mexico border. All it is missing is a Power Ranger mask.

i think the head is Stalone in Rambo.... or somethin


He also has Batman's utility belt, which is also painted.

Probably made in China, filled with lead paint and god knows what other things. All hail SuperIronBatMan!

I love his mangled heat. Special-Spider

If he had blonde hair, he would look a lot like "Fred' from Scooby Doo. Seriously!

its GAY X3!!!

Also, you have to press his junk to make his chest light up.

C'MON nobody made the sperm joke?! whats wrong with you people?!

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I thought he looked like a young Henry Winler at first, too. The more I look at it, though, the more he looks like a young Warren Beatty to me.


it's SuperGay .. look where you need to touch him to turn him on!


The head is John Travolta!!!

You missed the Aquaman legs.

The face looks like a cross between Stephen Colbert and Underdog.

haha its a hybrid, you think it would sorta be cool in your head but its heaps shit IRL .. kinda like the cars I guess

While looking at the both pictures of superhero there one thing in mine mind is one is good super hero who saves the life of the people while on the another hand is evil who destroy the life of others.

So wait. You squeeze his tacklebox and he shots a red LED sperm beam in your eye and thats cool? What kind of PG-4 toy is this?

And the award for best comment goes to.........
@4, congratulations come on down,srsly that sheet was funny...just sayin

@ 19, i'm with you man. all I saw was SPERMAN

That's not Spiderman's body. That's the horrible layers of scar tissue layering the superhero's body.

(Hey, it'd make him more badass.)

Sigh - I just know all the Marvel fanboys are screaming "NO! It lights up red! It's Cain Marko's crimson gem of Cyttorak."
Or at least my fanboy will.




Aquamans legs and starfish.......

35. PassTheAmmoPlz we dont make tpoys like that in mexico we imported those from china ...

and by the way always come with dangerously toxic lead paint

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