Jun 9 2010I'm Gonna Be An Astronaut!: NASA Will Take Your Face To Space On Last Shuttle Missions


You wanted to be an astronaut growing up, didn't you? Your parents shot down your dreams, didn't they? Well stop blaming them, you never would have passed the physical fitness test anyway. But now NASA will fly your face to outerspace on one of the last two shuttle missions. Wheeeeeeeeee!!

NASA wants to put a picture of you on one of the two remaining space shuttle missions and launch it into orbit. To launch your face into space and become a part of history, just follow these steps:

First...Select the Participate button at the bottom of this page and upload your image/name, which will be flown aboard the space shuttle. Don't have a picture to upload? No problem, just skip the image upload and we will fly your name only on your selected mission!

Next...Print and save the confirmation page with your flight information.

Later...Return to this site after the landing to print your Flight Certificate - a commemorative certificate signed by the Mission Commander.

OMG we'll all be astronauts! Say, you think we'll get some of that chalky space ice cream? Cause you know I'm gonna rub it all over my nipples if we do! *crunch crunch crunch* I feel so sexy right now.

Official 'Face In Space' NASA Site
NASA offers to put your face on the space shuttle... sort of [dvice]

Thanks to ConfessionsOfAManwhore, Ksurfiws and Melissa, who are all sending pictures of people they don't like just to spite them. Great, now I have to ride with a bunch of assholes?

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Reader Comments

Space Bitches!

Masturbating in space is fun, but after a while its like being in a snow globe..... or somethin

gonna load up SO MUCH PORN.

My face in space ...

Uploading a picture of my ass...

@5 no one will be able to tell the difference


No worries, I'll tell them it's not you. You're right though, I do see the resemblance now that you mention it... Maybe you should grow some facial hair, that might help. Try to make it horizontal though, maybe a mustache. Stay away from side-burns.

I'm on STS-134 bitches. See your asses in orbit

i bet its all gonna be pictures of chuck norris up there anyways...


Can you imagine having sex with a dinosaur in space? Well I can..or somethin

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this sounded cool

until i thought about it, what if we get invaded by aliens and they start asking for the people in those pictures, because they think we are Super important or something, after all our faces were sent to space,
what if this is all fake and the pictures with names is for some weird government secret project to sta
i hear knocking on the door

Totally going to space. Mission STS-134 in November. Can't wait. Unless #13 was right. I'll be in my bunker.

There is absolutely no point in doing this. Why? The arecibo message that we sent out on that satellite? How much did that thing cost? What a waste of money. Do you know how big space is? Nobody is ever going to fucking find that thing, I love Carl Sagan and i'm all about science and finding extra-terrestrial life and intelligence, but seriously, we need to get some intelligence down here first.

Very interested.If possible,can i put a pic of my face on it?

One time I was at a party in my friend's basement and there was this fish in his parents' fish tank that simply wouldn't move. When it did move (two times during the whole event) my friend almost had a heart attack and later the space shuttle blew up. So whoever goes up on that shuttle had better hope that fish isn't moving when it goes up.

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