Jun 21 2010Geekologie Reader Helps Build Millennium Falcon Play Fort For Make-A-Wish Foundation


Geekologie Reader Brandon of Little Mountain Productions recently helped build this Millennium Falcon play-fort topper for 9-year old Christian as part of a Make-A-Wish Foundation wish-granting. Good lookin', guys. Per Brandon:

We are delivering this to 9 year old Christian tomorrow with Make-A-Wish. This will top off his new play fort in his back yard. It even has solar powered LED interior and exterior lighting.

Hopefully we'll get to see some shots of the completed fort later this week. And, not to brag for the guy or anything, but I heard little Christian can make the Kessel Run in less than eleven parsecs. You hear that, Han? You'll always shoot first and finish last!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of the build process.






Little Mountain Productions

Thanks to Brandon, who has a heart of gold, kidneys of platinum and a liver of pure rhodium.

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Reader Comments



Aww. :)

Cool, Way to go Brandon!

Star Wars SUCKS! But this is cool for the kid, way to go!

I can't see why this would fun unless the kid was only 6 inches tall and could actually go inside the thing. In my opinion, if the kid can't get in it and say, pretend to hide from stormtroopers in the secret smuggling holds, it's less than stellar.


Awesome Awesome Awesome

Very Cool.

Nice one Brandon, well done

Thanks for helping a child in need, Brandon. Especially with something as awesome as this.

Awsome job guys.
And look there are 2 L's on this thread!

Well done Sir. An acheivement for an excellent cuase. Kudos.

Nice work, Brandon!!


Check out www.patrickscalisi.com for information on my new short story, "'Swordsman Wanted.'"

@14 Hey, I'm looking for a swordsman too! But by swordsman, I mean, another dude to play swords with, with our penises.

@6: umm.... it's a fort topper, meaning it goes on top of his fort and presumably he can stick his head up into the dome you see in the pics above to look out of and pretend whatever he wants to pretend. way to bash on someone's contribution to a sick child. Even if they couldn't get in it it would be cool. besides, didn't you ever play with any toys when you were a kid? could you get in all of them? no. were they still fun? of course they were!

@16 I was thinking that same thing
@6You're an idiot read the post first or grow a brain before commenting next time k thanks

btw, nice work guys! Kudos on the dedication to get this done for a good cause. Hopefully someone dresses up as Chewie for the delivery :)

Nice job brandon I hope that kids enjoys it. If not can I have it?

do want. now if you'll excuse me, i'm off to contract a terminal disease so someone will make me an x-wing version.

Thanks guys for the comments.
It will be fun to unveil. Also btw not only will Chewy be there to unveil but some storm troopers as well. Were under a heat advisory today so I hope chewy doen't get carted off in an ambulance. We'll see.

Jeezus! Look at the size of the wall outlets in that workshop!!

Oh yeah - Chewy is only like that due to his soft yummy filling.

Awesome work, Brandon. Star Wars + volunteering for Make a Wish = hero.

Please video tape the unveiling and give to GW to update. I know I'll probably cry, but eff it. Those Make A Wish kids who are geeky always make me cry because they are always emulating super heroes, but they are the bravest people on the planet already.

props to that dude am i right?

Way cool guys, and super generous. Hope the kid loves it

Where's the fort pics!

as a Make-A-Wish Wish Granter....this is totally amazing. What an imagination this kid's got! That's what it's all about and why we do what we do.

Way to spoil my surprise GW =(

He's going to be one happy kid...especially at night time with those LEDS, a starry night and an imagination!

A job well done guys @ "Little Mountain Productions"!!! And yeah to #16 Blech too!

Great job! My little sister died before her Make-A-Wish could be fulfilled - so I am very glad when I see someone that gets to enjoy their Wish

This is the local newspaper article.
The reveal went very well. He was a bit overwhelmed at first.
By the way he was only 5 not 9 yrs old. My bad.
By the time we left he was having fun with it.
Chewy didn't show but we did get an emperial guard.


Awesome job. I am inspired. Why doesn't this kind of thing ever make headlines?

anyway, three cheers Brandon & crew.

Gorrammit: you're an idiot.

I know this might be horrible, but what happens to that ship after? Does another kid get it?

@Ross: That is up to the family that recieves it I believe. The make a wish foundation does this for the entire family's benefit. They give a terminally ill child an awesome day out of many that are horrible. That good day helps the parents too. It helps a lot to remember the day when your child saw a dream fulfilled. The parents would probably want to keep it to remember that day by.

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