Jun 1 2010False Advertisment Is False: Glow Condoms


No it's not either. It's like having a two-inch glowworm that never turns into a butterfly no matter how many times you wrap it in a toilet paper chrysalis and sing Circle of Life.


Thanks to Nathan, whose member often gets mistaken for a glow-in-the-dark Eiffel Tower. Yes, mine too.

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Reader Comments


good one #1 your mom smells like potato chips

Cool maybe I can stop wearing night vision goggles.

GW, you get funnier every day.

everytime I use them her eyes glow... no not really.

will I buy this product? HELL YES.

don't walk into a rave with one of these on (and your pants down)... no telling where your penis will end up

@1 your grammar reflects how dumb you are
@7 my penis has ended up in unusual places at raves before, good call

"....only sailors use condoms baby"

GW, please check your use of -whose-, its like the third time you havent used it in a month when you should have.

"Why do they make glow in the dark condoms?"

"So gay guys can play lightsabers/"

And now we'll be able to see the things that go bonk in the night! :)

I think I will introduce this product to my girlfriend with a glowing phallus floating over her face as she awakes in the middle if the night.

I see your schwartz is as big as mine.

Finally dudes can fulfill their John Ritter sword fighting fantasies from the movie Skin Deep.

Also great if you want to have kids or get VD!

@15 I'm pretty sure condoms are for the prevention of children and transfer of STD's, not the cause.

LOL fuckin funny post

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