Jun 11 2010Cute: Stationary That Looks Like Email Icons


Stationary that looks like email icons: I swear, what will they think of next? And don't say, "stationary that looks like Microsoft Office icons" or I'll probably shit myself and die. Designed by Brigada Creativa, this collection of stationary is sure to confuse any recipient to the point where they aren't sure if they're actually using a computer or not. Especially old people. Their brains are all mush. I SAID SIGN OVER THE DEED, GRANDPA!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the old fashioned letter-writin' supplies.



Icon Letter: Icon Paper + Icon Envelope [brigadacreativa]
Icon Stationery [buzzfeed]

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Reader Comments

Who the hell uses stationary nowadays?

First bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

When I write my love letters I write in the blood of my enemies.

That email icon looks like an envelope

spell stationery wrong more.

@2 I need not point out the obviousness of your fail.... but I will anyway.

Knowing is half the battle. Good lookin' Fook

Ditto 5, it's "stationery."

Either way... "stationery that looks like Microsoft Office icons"!!!! HAHAHAH LOL LMAO ROFLCOPTER!!!

...GW? Hello? I didn't mean it, really...

I write in my blood to my enemies to let them know I'm already weak


Almost as Cool as dry ice on my balls.

BBBBBBBBAAAHHH I hate when people spell "stationery" wrong.

Lame. No really, it's very lame. Next.


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I want it! It's very cute!

boy i hope some dude on viagra doesnt get one of those in his mail.

Stationary with black borders is what people used in the old days for funeral and death announcements. There is nothing cool or funny about this, but then again, this generation is made up of a bunch of retards who know nothing about their history pre Star Wars and MTV.

Ha ha funny this topic

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