Jun 19 2010But How Many People Died?: Body Counters Counts Movie Deaths So You Don't Have To


The Body Counters website keeps track of how many deaths there were in a particular film so you can decide if it's worth watching or not. For example, in The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood only one person dies. NOT WORTH IT. But what about 'Jason X'? Try 250,023 (including beating one person in a sleeping bag to death with another person in a sleeping bag, then that one against a tree). NOW THAT'S A F***ING WINNER! But nowhere near as impressive as the movie I'm making where EVERYBODY dies. I'm talking all 7-billion of you a-holes. What? I gotta make room for the dinos!

Body Counters

Thanks to Turbo the Mechanical Ape, who may or may not have died in Congo.

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third!!!! or second...

was second!!

What?!?!? No Rambo: First Blood Part II? Well call me extremely disappointed

no 2012...

Night of the Comet: The entire population of Earth in 1986 except for 6 people. Plus 2 cars. WINS

Travellers guide to the universe? EVERYBODY

Pull my finger, everyone dies. I win.

Not The Matrix? WTF

GoldenEye: 60 and 2 bitches banged

@7 Are you trying to say, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? Everyone on Earth dies in that, except Trillian, Arthur, and two mice. Oh, and the dolphins. But the galaxy is a pretty heavily populated place, so it's not really like the disappearance of the human race (-2) is all that noticeable.

Hey, I was first doing the movie counting, even with cool stats and all: http://teun.home.fmf.nl/hm/?id=stats

Joe Bob Briggs did it better.

House of 100 Corpses, ironically only 15 people died.

whoever did this sucks. no american psycho? LAME.

Not even ONE freakin' Star Wars movie, but it has Napoleon Dynamite?! Seriously?!?!

Uwe Boll's Rampage?

But then what will the dinos eat?! You gotta think this through, GW.

Star Trek (2009) 5,999,995,635 and one alien creature


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still.. hotshot2.. the bloodiest movie ever

Dead Alive (Peter Jackson). Every death's a lol.

@6 Night of the comet had more than 6 people. 2 sisters, mexican guy, 2 kids, random guy @ the end(and if you noticed, his initials on the back license plate. he was the guy with the high score the main girl asked "who is this guy"in the arcade) the 5 scientist and 4 guys who were not full zombies.

Dont know if i missed anyone.

pffff..in death note Light killed much more people XD

1,702,461 humans and 11,000,017 aliens - Independance day


They saved the best for last.

Zombieland 148 plus Bill Murray

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 3,000,000,017, one TX, two T-1's, one T-101, and one flying thing

I think the Space Runaway Ideon movies have all the others beat as far as film body count goes.

The stats for Alice in Wonderland (2010) are incorrect. The creature is a Jabberwock, not a JabberwockY. The poem it comes from reads "Beware the Jabberwock my son..."

That list would be a lot more fun if there was some consistency on who gets counted. Some of the movies show the bodycount of on-screen deaths while others show the count of inferred deaths.

A lot more than 32 people were said to be dead in 28 Days Later.

John Woo's Hardboiled - 235. One of the best action movies ever made.

There's also http://moviebodycounts.com/ where you can filter by actor or director.

whatever who wrote this list, its a fuckin asshole.
and never say bad about ┬┤broken arrow┬┤. dumbshit.

A. to the idiot that posted above: it's house of 1000 corpses dammit and B. i think we should consider the good shepherd or the gladiator because untold thousands of people die offscreen in those. if you're thinking onscreen then i think natural born killers has to take the cake just because of the incipient violence involved in the deaths.

i can't believe that this site had primeval and python (which may or may not be sci-fi original releases) but not natural born killers or any other guy ritchie movies beyond snatch and lockstock. honestly?

Taken is over 10 short. "They weren't all actual fatalities" is not a valid argument, because Liam Neeson did not leave anyone 'wounded' in that movie. It might've looked like that, but I mean he's a hitting machine. Those guys are all D.O.A

I reckon i will be using this from now on :)

Wow, I always wondered if anyone else watched that Christopher Lambert masterpiece, Adrenaline....

Starship Troopers! In buenos aires alone 2,573,207 Humans 1 dog and counting. Not to mention they are on their way towards Xenocyde of the Bugs. "The only good bug is a dead bug! Do your part. want to know more?"

Almost forgot Watchmen. Millions around the world die because some D-bag has Jealousy issues.

No entry for Groundhog's Day? That has to have, at least, 60 humans (well, one human 60 times) and one groundhog!

Where is ZULU??

Heh, 9 People died in Across The Universe, A Movie using songs by the Beatles.

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