Jun 14 2010Bad Mashup: Avatar Stormtrooper Helmet


There are good mashups (my lips and a lovely lady's lips) and there are bad mashups (my ass and anything bigger than a breadbox pinky). This is one of the latter.

Created by Denise Vasquez for 501st TK Project who also created the beautiful Brass Stormtrooper Helmet, this project really brings two Giant movie characters within one amazing looking helmet. The Na'vi may not be wearing any armor to shield their looks, but it doesn't mean that the Star Wars helmet cannot be created to look like the Pandora creatures that have captured our hearts.

I never saw Avatar so I can't say whether the Pandora creatures would actually capture my heart or not. But they'd definitely capture a few of my arrows if you know what I mean! I mean I'm gonna shoot them all with a crossbow. Blue meat's a treat!

Hit the jump for a couple side-shots of the here put this on and let me hit you. Tell me if it hurts.



Avatar Stormtrooper Helmet Strikes Back! [walyou]

Thanks to Christopher, who's convinced we could have Na'vi Jerky on the shelves of every convenience store by 2011. Ambitious!

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Reader Comments

First...to call it an epic fail!

Ugh. So sick of Avatar in the first place, and now THIS.
This needs to be illegal.

The sacraficial slaves could of used these in Apocolypto.... or somethin

...and a toal waste of stormtrooper helmets in the first place.

WOW. :|

Does anyone actually own a breadbox? When was the last time you saw one.

You forgot to add The Predator to that mix.

@7 that was the first thing I thought,

and if you painted the eyes black, it could be a vampire/wererwolf hybrid from underworld..

someone should just kill it..

@Dishy (6) - YES! I OWN A BREADBOX! Are you interested in discussing the matter further?? :)


Dear GW. You are your skills are fuc*ing slipping! Enough of this faggot Avatar shit!

"I never saw Avatar so I can't say whether the Pandora creatures would actually capture my heart or not. "

Suuuuure GW, you never seen Avatar.

Where can I buy it?

Easy there kids, this is just a stormtrooper gone tree hugger hippie, smoking trunk loads of ganga and sportin chickenhead beach dreads... wait what?! No you're right, this is blasphemy, kill it with fire.

Worst mash up ever kill it with fire.

lame... not even celling cat could watch that...


@6 i have a fallout 3 lunchbox

This is wrong on so many levels! I mean I like Avatar, but this is getting really boring!

I've got to just quit coming here... bah

looks more like a blue Predator

Here's a thought: why not make avatar design condoms! Would probably make a fortune with it!

terrible...... and I never saw avatar either but what a waste of time. There's an angry indian out there missing some beads and feathers right about now

@9 Jaja, that blog looked kinda interesting. Are you Ant?

@16, GW wants you and your lunchbox to come over and play. Mashup!

No. Just no. The original three Star Wars films were too good for this. This is an insult to 3 amazing movies by a single awful one. GW please stop posting this Avatar crap unless its about some pathetic loser obsessed with it (hey I just described that tattoo guy!).

OMFG thats just wrong!!!!!!!!!

You got to make the cooking by the book, you now you can't be lazy....

@22 replying @9: Are you fucking kidding? Emo kid and attention whore, don't give them attention and it's a problem that's gonna solve by itself (suicide or grow up).

@26 Emo style doesn't bother me. Nor do attention seekers. My own commenting here is a form of attention whoring. People are people, everyone feels, and Ant's writing about it. He's not hating. He's just saying. OK by me.

Way to f#$@ up a perfectly good trooper helmet douchebag.

I dissaprove this! ಠ_ಠ

THIS is just AWFUL!!!

Horrible, Disgusting, WORST use of a helmet EVER!

ok i liked avatar, it was ok, and i like star wars, but This is the worst Piece of SHHT i have ever seen, the worst thing is that the paint job itself is not that bad, so this idiot has some skills, But why ruin a Helmet like this!

I'd wear this...

...to your funeral.

This is the best Avatar inspired creation I've seen so far:

The stormtrooper helmut is pants!

AHAHA I've seen these in person. They're in a store on Beverly Blvd and La Vista in West Hollywood. Think this is gnarly, they have some pink and other spotted ones too.

Way to ruin Star Wars even more than it already is... whoever the faggot is that made this.

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