Jun 3 2010Amazing Team Fortress 2 Cosplay Action


Let's not kid ourselves: there's nothing funner than dressing up like army men and running around in the woods behind your parent's house. But what do you do when you grow up? You cosplay. It's the (marginally) socially acceptable way to rekindle the joy of youth. Alternatively: SLUMBER PARTY! Anyway, this is Greg Peltz and Ryan Rasmussen dressed up as the soldier and medic (respectively) from Team Fortress 2.

Its not a original idea, no, but we both wanted to do it right. Put in the right key words and you can find mountains of attempts at the costume, but most... come up short. We wanted to get the costumes as close as physically possible to the actual designs.

Most of the costume elements were made from scratch, we paid particular attention to the weapons and gear since we wanted them to be really accurate.

Good lookin', guys. I'd run around in the woods yelling PEW PEW PEW with you two any day. And I mean that as homoerotically as you want me to. You ever seen a man do anything so sensual with a bunch of leaves before? Poison what? MEDIC!

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more as well as links to Greg and Ryan's blogs with higher-res versions.









Ryan's Blog
Greg's Blog

Thanks to Lindsey, who once found a grenade in the woods and poked it with a stick. Turned out to be a turtle.

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Reader Comments

wow, pretty cool actually


@1 agreed.... much better than that piece of shit batmobile.

pew.pew PEW BA-BOOOM!!!!

Holy crap!! Too. Cool. Everyone should dress like this all the time!

First Person shooters are teh suck!


Not only are these rad costumes, they're both super wonderful guys. <3

lol @ teh suck

The soldier is much more in character than the medic

This definitely deserves cake.



How gay, lol @ the samefags who post here.

so awesome

@8 OH HELL YEAH I totally agree with you... at first I was like Holy Shit they really look the part but in the later photos, the medic was just some short white kid in a medic custom L O L Z. Soldier looks spot on. GET A TALLER OLDER MEDIC!

Oh man. Thanks GW- I appreciate cosplay eyecandy in either flavor.

Soldier looks like Seth Rogen. LOL

Soldier is spot on! Medic, he needs to age atleast maybe 20 years. :P

The medic looks like an angry lesbian.

Admittedly, as a 117-pound frail white girl I always wanted to do a Heavy Weapons cosplay just for the lulz.

There was a huge team of TF2 cosplayers at Anime Detour this summer, in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I took pics : D


Hit that charge, Doc...

Dang it, that guy doing the medic needs to get into character! He's ruining the character!

That soldier is Aces! Sweet eyecandy right there!

My buddies and I did the blue Team Fortress team at PAX last year. You can check out the photos here:


SKILLZ!!!!!!!! I have seen a crapton of TF2 costumes but this ones by far the best.

those are some sexy ass costumes

the last one is the most realistic

Who let Harry Potter in the medic costume? Nerdy white kid ruins an amazing photo shoot.

That is the most amazingly perfect soldier ever.

Pure awesome!

Mega props on making most from scratch.

pretty cool actually, do want. oh, and one more thing.


Saw this guys on a Steam news update. amazing cosplay job.


srsly, who the fuck ubers a solider? get it fucking right and use a kritzkrieg next time.

Holy shit. Would totally bed that soldier. Medic, sadly, needs to grow older.

Well done, men. -cheers toplessly-

Excellent !

I myself made a PYRO Cosplay.
And I must admit that you are beautiful.

Holy crap, you guys got them spot on! The only negative thing I can say is that Medic's pants aren't quite poofy enough, but other than that, these are the best TF2 Cosplays I've ever seen! Good job!

And don't listen to these guys saying that Medic needs to be older - it's hard finding someone as old as Medic who likes cosplay AND looks like Medic AND knows about TF2. So far, you look the most like Medic of any cosplayers I've seen. ^^


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God crafted that man's chin just to cosplay the soldier.

Amazing costumes! Great job!

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