May 14 2010Yow Yow!: Disney Ladies In Sexy Comic Style


This is a gallery of female Disney characters imagined as sexy comic book characters by artist J. Scott Campbell. Let's see -- yep that's pretty much all I've got. Besides, oh I don't know, boner boner boner! Oh yeah, GW, you've still got it.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the you know you'd hit it EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE JUST DRAWINGS PLUS ONE'S ACTUALLY A VILLAIN, GOD.

Yes those are penis carriage windows.








J. Scott Campbell's Website
Comic book Disney Princess [theswedishbed]

Thanks to schwagner, who's never found a drawing sexy. Oh yeah? Then you haven't seen my stick figures.

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Reader Comments

oh wow ;D

i came...twice

You are not Chuck Norris! If you would have came twice, it would have grounded air traffic for days!

What, no Mulan? THAT'S RACIST YO. Also, mermaid vagina.

Why are all of their noses red? Are they all severe alcoholics? Me too. :(

they all have claw hands

Delicious Maleficent.

Silly GW, you missed Alice in Wonderland.

actually I gotta say, even drawn normal Disney way, they all have pretty great racks ...

Hey look! it's Emma Frost!

HOLY DAMN! thats pretty freakin sweet. do want MOAR

I always knew Tinkerbell was a slut.

Ouch. Serious anatomy problems there. You sure that wasn't Liefeld's work?

@9. My thoughts exactly. And where is Jasmine, she's got a hot bod.

Yuck. Not my type at all. Need more softness, less silicone. And they all have the same ugly face.

thank God girls with hips and thighs hell yes.

I would so fuck all of them, even if it was animated

I was hoping to see some Pocahontas. But if I had to choose between these ladies my vote goes for Beauty and the Beast.

Sleeping beauty is about to lose something. She won't wake up unless she gets kissed by a prince right?

eh... this isn't geeky, this is gay

I'm pretty sure that its just you that's gay wes

Dude, like #8 said, you missed the bloomers on Alice!

What's extremely creepy is that there's an ad for some Disney Princess 12 game with a picture of disney Ariel directly across from the Campbell ariel...

@13 nah, they don't have scrunch-nose-constipation-scowl-of-death faces.

@ 20. no. this is the exact opposite of gay. Trust, me, I'm gay and I can assure you this is not at all appealing to me.
except maybe Maleficent... damn now i'm confused about my sexuality.

yo... does ariel look kinda like megan fox or am i crazy?

snow white's villain has got some crazy pubes

@danieljc2008 omy

My childhood! IT BURNS!!!

these are freakin sweet!

Jim Lee > Scott Campbell

Go on. Tell me I'm wrong.

Dang Disney, I want to have sex in your cartoons! ..But I promised myself I wasn't going to masturbate more than twice a day. I am falling off the wagon, Where is my mentor? Jiminy Cricket, why won’t you pick up the phone? You’re supposed to help me through these lustful cravings.


@myself: whoops wrong article!
(should really have one open at a time....)

Where is Cruella De Vil?! I wonder if the artist will consider doing a version of Nala (from Lion King), or that sexy BILF (Beast I'd like to F..Friend) Bambi's mother. Come on, I know I am not the only one wanting to see a picture like this of Lady, from Lady and the Tramp!

Boioioing !!!
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I think this has been done before
There is a grimm fairy tales that looks exactly like this, with big boobs and stuff, so is not the first time,

Well besides that, they do look nice but HE IS A FREAKING RACIST!
No mulan
No Jasmine
No Pocahontas

Is it just me or do they all look like TAYLOR SWIFT!

ah, j. scott campbell, you may be a one trick pony, but its a good trick

I don't like these only one that looks ok is tink but that's kinda it :/ their faces are just to weird... And idk but that belle makes me think off dawn O.o;; But i agree with what 36 and the others said He left the best disney chicks out...

from top to bottom…..

jessica simpson
lindsey lohan
kylie minogue
hillary duff
katy perry
kelly brook
yo mama!

@23 i didnt mean it in the insulting manner. it really is just gay.. a straight guy wouldn't normally think what if tinkerbell was really slutty. They are hypersexualized which is appealing to straight men, but everything else is sex and the city. Girls and gay guys growing up think about princesses and clothing that whole side. Straight kids play with hypersexualized super muscular dolls.. kinda funny.

From reading all the above comments, I take it you people are ready for a new line of sex blow up dolls.

So what does the Wicked Queen look like when she becomes the old witch?

i like sleeping beauty, she wont wake up if i dont kiss her ;)

@41 Wes, you just need to come out of the closet instead of posting ridiculous gay comments.

Dude buddy, you are late on this one. I have had that calendar hanging in my home since November of last year. Even got it signed by J. Scott Campbell. Also, the colorist for this calendar Nei Ruffino is one of the best at what she does. Check out her stuff for Zenescope comics and DC Comics.

@3 That's a bit of an understatement, don't you think?

This is so awesome. :D

Top to Bottom:

Jessica Simpson
Lindsay Lohan
Jessica Boehrs
Michelle Trachtenberg
Alyssa Milano
Kim Kardashian
Scarlett Johannson
Jessica Alba

Notably missing:

Tiana (Frog Princess)
Nala (if you're a furry)

these are all post- beauty and the beast... maybe an update to include more recent princesses is in order?


Needs moar dino

Anyone else notice that the characters that you can actually see their feet it looks like they have "barbie" feet (or like they were drawn from looking at a picture of a woman wearing high heals)... Why is tinkerbell standing on her tip toes? J. Scott, don't you think fat fleet can be sexy? Look at Sleeping Beauty's feet! If your feet did that when you slept, you should really see a podiatrist.

The beauties are looking beautiful. [Bella and Sleeping]. I, like others, notice a lack of a certain Arabian princess.

@ Maiestas777 what do you think happened in iceland?

Color me confused: why does Malificent have the Evil Queen's mirror?

I would plow Cinderella's fields so hard....

Ok... is it just me or does Snow White look like Sailor moon a little bit?

@52 The pointed toes add tension to the pose (flexes those leg muscles) and elongate the leg line, practicality aside.

@55 Yeah, it looks like the villain picture is a mixture of Maleficent and the Evil Queen from Snow White. The outfit (horns, collar, colors) looks like Maleficent, but the face, make up and artifacts are the Evil Queen's. Maybe it was on purpose. He had to have been looking at pictures as a reference as he worked.

Also, I think one of the oddest things are that Sleeping Beauty's leg looks like it is just coming out of a hole in her sheet. I think it's supposed to look like she's tangled up in them and her leg is out, but if you look closer, the sheet is otherwise unbroken.

..jizz in my pants..

@45 i apologize for being curious about how the world works and people think.

I see Belle is dating Hank McCoy. Lucky dog.

The flowers to Cinderella's right look like dicks.

Captain Hook looks pretty badass in that tinkerbell pic.


If snow white had boobs like that there'd have been 7000 dwarfs

Did this person study anatomy from looking at Barbie dolls? Why do they all have the same exact damn face? They would be a lot sexier if they had actual uniqueness to their features.

Their hands are like claws. And bolted on tits? Not hot. (Give me gravity or give me death!) Hell, even their eyebrows are all identical. This artist has zero creativity. Sad.

i wish i were an animation

They should make a Disney park for adults...bars, pole clubs, and laser tag. >:D

OMFG! Sleeping beauty FTW!

Belle and Ariel are hot.


Yeah, liquor in the front, and poker in the rear...

...since when did gaping mouths and Terri Shaivo mouths become sexy??

@73 LOL

i doubt prince charming woke that sleeping beauty up with just a kiss

This is old! I saw this stuff before linked from another site sometime last year!

I demand Ursula and Madame Mim NOW.

holy crap the little mermaid looks just like my girlfriend....minus the fishy looking bottom half.......i wish
but yeah all these pics sides the witch from snow white make classic disney hotties even hotter
the artist should DEFINATELY do more drawings like these for the whole world to see

I want the females from Robin Hood....

why the hell are all of you doggin' on this artwork? shit, post something positive or gtfo. stop overanalyzing everything.

You have to make a Jasmine one.

you know, if you save/awaken any of these women, they would act like this in front of you. so how come when i go inside someones house and kiss them they just call the cops and there father hits me with a bat, hood'v gessed

simply hot!

Campbell has been one of my favorite comic artist of all time since Gen 13s back in the early 90s, he definitely has a way of drawing women and I can see that he has dramatically improved since he started. Now if someone can get Joe Madureira to start his comics again it would be superb, he has a nick for drawing sexy women as well.

I just in my pants.

All the "gay" "faggot" "RumpRanger" name calling you people do is pointless. It reminds me of the time my Mom took me way up near Mena, AR because nothing would do but we had to get a smoked ham and turkey from this place that was famous for it. So we get there to this MomN'Pop cabin and they're hollering "Bubba get this" and "Big'un get that" and "Sissy go over there" and "Little'un I said rat heah" so my Mom and I are laughing at their names. It was all pointless. The fact of business is, they knew how to smoke meat.

@86 I am confused as to exactly what your point is... No one is really bashing the artwork.

Ok, now do them naked and making out with each other.

@37 its SO true!!

Disney needs to employ some new animators...

snow white looks very dita von teese

I'm Hard ;)

Honey, I shrunk my dick!! So it could fit inside of Tinkerbell! Hubba Hubba!

#67 is the only one here with any sense, it seems....Those who are actually attracted to these crappy drawings probably never interact with any real women.

Oh yeah - and maybe he didn't draw any of the colored princesses because that would have meant he'd actually have to draw different features on them.

You mention J. Scott Campbell but you forgot to give credits to the colorist Nei Ruffino responsible for the coloring of all the covers/images of that series.

Here's her DeviantART account if you want to see more colorings (as well as those pictures):

I bet that this has been used for wank material many times already xD

Great images!

I was noticing that Mal there has a pretty manly jaw and you can compare it the the mirror behind her.

AWESOME pics, I must have this calendar

Gross, they're all borderline fatasses. What's wrong with you people?

that a nice piece of tail

I worked with a guy named Wes... he was gay. (I'm sure he knew how to smoke meat, too)

little mermaid never looked so smoking hot

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow :D

Thanks for making me miss Frank Frazetta just a little bit less.

Wow... this post was so epic... that there were no "Firsts!"

The girl that colored these is my best friend Nei! I begged for a copy of this calender.

Best friends don't beg.


Peg, Pete's wife from Goof Troop?

ugly ass faces tho




Eh. Maybe it's because I just finished jerking off, but these completely fail to turn me on. The anatomy is just so weird. Look at Ariel's rubbery arm, or Alice's snaky legs. Also, the colorist makes everything look like plastic.

Get back to me when Adam Hughes does some Disney princesses. This is bush league.

Agreed @115

Campbell's anatomy sucks, it's like he learned how to draw by reading comics. Lame.

Why those girls have to be dressed like ComicCon hookers, i'll never understand.

Probably for the teen pleasure. I myself am probably too old to understand (35).

No face, no emotions, fucking digital coloring, approximative body anatomy - some good ideas ruined...

Looks a bit like Leifield's work IMHO.

well same style but is his signatre so...

UH. . . Excuse me I need to change my pants. . .

@ 100 - You are an idiot, if this is boarderline fatass then you must be use to dating 15 yr olds and anorexics you petophiliac freak. Sure their cartoons and their curves are way over the top, but if you consider chicks with waists that size fat you better enjoy fucking toddlers. In the real world women have fantastic juicy curves and thats the way real men like em.

So id like to turn your question around on you and ask what the hell is wrong with you dude?

@ 120
I suggest you read here:

does sleeping beauty have a cutout in her sheet just for her leg?

I read about this last year!

Why oh why did you have to draw every last one of them like this? I have long since accepted that comic book ladies would have huge breasts and unrealistic proportions in next to nothing outfits, but...gah, it would be nice if you could have broken the mold for these :(

No kid they ain't real.

I want to put these on my wall....

mermaid vagina? more like fish vagina.

wheres Pocahontas and Mulan ????

Sure, leave the Ginger in but exclude Pocahontas and Mulan! RACIST!

Why do their eyes look so dead?

Also did you forget about Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmine? Fuckin racist

why do they still have clothes on? if they looked like that, they would be nude in a heartbeat. i'd fuck them. i'd fuck them hard.

also, how can mermaids have pussies? there's no room.

@#40, you know, ever since I saw Moulin Rouge, I can't think of Tinkerbell any other way too! LOL.

To all who are calling racist.

Let's keep in mind these drawings are essentially from his portfolio and are not anything he was paid to do. Would it have been nice if he drew EVERY SINGLE one of our favorites? Sure. But using the "R" word in this instance is premature and asinine.

Every single drawing doesn't have to be PC.

It doesn't have Princess Tiana either...gee it must be a racist thing...blah!

Remember how a while back Disney did the whole "famous princess scenes with real actresses" thing? Lets encourage them to return to that with this series... you know, for the kids. By kids I of course mean crotch.

Also - thanks 121. for posting that before I had to.

ok these arnt racist these might be the only ones hes drawn so far and by the way if your talking about women that are left out how bout megera(meg) from hercules the only chick in the entire spectrum of disney movies that actually seems like a real woman and not some sterotypical princess. I mean could just as easially call these sexist as well taking a woman of power and reducing her to softcore porn. There are also others like the princess and the frog one,nalaa from the lion king, and a whole host of others that are usually always left out of the whole princess thing that were princess's in their respective movies heck tinkerbell,alice, and the evil stepmother from snowhite arnt even princess why are they there.

The thing about these is their here to enjoy not to nitpick it for leaving a certain character you like out.

In main stream media most everyone is white I mean think of this how many white people you see in a lead role for a movie,cartoon,videogame, or tv show compaired to people of other races in the same roles.This is because production companies want a average joe for their leads and the average joe is a 20 year old white male.Its sad but its true.

Hey, where's Pocahontas, Maid Marian (for those furry fans), Mulan, Wendy, and Anatstacia? those would be win!!

The Rosie O'Donnell gorilla from Tarzan?

seems theres a few rapists on this site for those that like and joke about the sleeping beauty one >_>

I can't get off with Captain Hook staring at me like that.

Captain Hook naked please, I got hot when he was stripped to his bloomers.

Pictures and story:

I want to see the Snow White wicked witch NOW.

Wow...Kids of this generation are lucky .... No more cartoon for my son.... :D

Nobody should get naked LIKE GASTON!

@ 46

Lol you are the one crying little kid. Trolling is an art for the immature. Plus J Scott Campbell can draw yiddish looking gooks way better than anyone you know. How do I know this? He has a few comments. So until you pull your head out of that sandy vagina of yours, I doubt you will understand the complexity of comics. I will enjoy my comics, while you enjoy your immaturity. That right there proves I'm a bigger man than you kid.

I wanna see the twats of the Wicked Stepsisters

Timon and Pumbaa gay sex plz?

Timon and Pumbaa plz?

I wanna see Winnie the Pooh...TOPLESS!

Tinker Bell should look like Marilyn Monroe...

Rebecca Cunningham. And by her I mean Sally Struthers circa 1991.

Mermaid & Snow White, FTW.

Merriwether the fairy plz

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Goddamn I never thought I would have such a craving to fuck all of these cartoon Disney girls.....for real though.

AMAZING job, but u forgot the little mermaids purple shell bra! u coulda made little nip pasties!

These are great, Im just wondering why Maleficent is drawn with Queen Grimhilde surroundings?

@21 n the rest perverts: Either that, or y'll are just silicon lovers and camel dicks...
Does it seriously run in your family or did it just start with your mother??

Oh my gosh have you seen twisted princess they would make you gohead over heels if you smart all of you guys are sick making woman in general seem slutty i went on the wrong page and I'm glad i did because you are all SICK !!!!


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sleeping beauty FTW!!

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