May 14 2010What If?: You Could Photoshop Real Life


The world would be an awesomer place, that's what. I might even appear handsome for once. And by handsome I obviously mean invisible and hunched in a corner of the women's locker room. Hey -- if you're gonna dream, dream big (last night I dreamed I had sex with a mermaid and woke up in a flooding bathtub with my peener caught in the drain). Ambien's the shit!

Henry Hadlow's Portfolio
Real Life Photoshop [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Christopher Cumulonimbus, who discovered Cloud City.

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your stupid comment system made my name gay. thanks

You cant change the hue with the paint bucket

This would be cool if some dude hadn't already done paste up graffiti of photoshop palettes on subway ads.

And some other people taking photos that look like Google street views.

Nice try real life photoshop guy, be original next time.

link leads to NOWHERE.
maybe mordor

I thought this was an interesting post. Granted, the link to the feed doesn't work, and it's been done before (the pictures not the broken link), I still find this a good reminder of how what you see online isn't always true.


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Turning yourself blue isn't gonna get you chicks, holmes. You should C&P yourself a donkey's dick. That's what the ladies want.

Wow, I first saw this... like a year ago.


FAKE! This is completely NOT a photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all.. right?

This reminds me of that scene from Never Back Down, when Max wanted to be a smurf, and stomped on a berry bush in Baja's grandmother's back yard. It ticked off Baja's granny so Max just pretended like she was Gargamel. She even had like 42 cats to play the role of Azrael, but I digress.

I bet these twits though they were being really clever.

Bloody students, you can't live with 'em, you can't beat 'em to death.

I agree with 3

Paint bucket would make him a colored silhouette.
What they showed is a change in hue. (colorize / hue to blue)

Who the hell goes through all this trouble and not even get the tool properties correct...

I also agree with "3"; however, if you create a path selection outlining the silhouette, create new layer, paint bucket a color such as blue within the paremeters of the path selection, then decease the transparency of the layer, then it is plausible to use paint bucket for this effect. In summation, they should have used more photoshop window props to describe the process they were mimmicking. With that said, such is why I have been a geekologie fan for two years.

@3, 14, & 15-
If you choose the "color" option in the tool settings with the paint bucket you can change the color in the manner they did here. I know, I've done it. Several times.

Lame-carrot-up-my-bum comments. Wicked funny cool post.

totally gay and old.

@RoboChop, yeah that is way cool, and has some purpose, compared to this dribble which was probably just done to impress Myspace friends or some shit. (notice I said myspace and not Facebook, because this shit is like a year old).

Check out RoboChop's link:

I would totally adjust my "Size and hardness"! :D

Only if life can be photoshop then it would be a lot easier..

Check this out..

Awesome!! I want, I want...!!

I agree with 15. you can change color with the paint bucket tool

woah.. this is super astonishing!

Just love it!!!

Wow so many angry comments over such a harmless post. Sure it may not be completely original and perfectly done, but you don't have to tear them to pieces over it.

@ 9
you really have a sick twisted sense of what women want.

Really guys, don't be so immature and criticize... in fact, if we're doing it your way - nothing's original! Because everything creative you do wouldn't even exist without inspiration. So please folks, don't be so fierce... and grow up.

Guys, this is the coolest thing ever,
You guys missed the whole point of this picture.
What has the human race come to?
They can't even see a piece of art when it's right in front of their face.

Thank you for the information.....

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