May 5 2010Some News I Can Really Sink My Teeth Into


Wow, what an absolute COINCIDENCE the the FAREWELL columns just so happen to spell 'PENIS'. I mean, what are the chances? Reminds me of my senior quote in the high school yearbook. It spelled, "SCHOOLS FOR FOOLS EAT MY GRUNDLE" if you read down the left column. Can you believe that?! You should, it took me 30 hours to get that shit right.

Layout Fail [failblog]

Thanks to marie, who agrees newspapers aren't good for anything but washing windshields and making pirate hats.

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Maybe they're the secret members of the Pen-15 club......cause if they are they need a serious ass kicking for getting Penis wrote on my hand in 4th grade

Maybe the editor is just a dick

I saw that yesterday, and if you read it...i swear it was done on purpose...its a WIN if you ask me...

@ 4

I agree, WIN.

Look at the third guy's last name...

LOL! That's funny. Wonder how many Flanders's were throwing a fit about that.

Check out the other page:

Geekologie needs to stop getting 100% of its content from Blameitonthevoices and Seriously guys. Get some originality.

that cannot be missed, unless you're blind....

What the hell is a 'newspaper?'

Geekologie needs to stop getting any of its content from the interwebz. Seriously GW. Post some snaps of your cat instead.

And if you add funny captions belittling your cat's intelligence ... Pulitzer, by the truckload ... just sayin

@9 - Lick my sack, you fucking hater. If you don't like it, pack up your 5 illegitimate kids and your NASCAR collectors plates and get the fuck out of here. And dont ever come back. Well, at least until that rash heals.


@9 if GW visited those sites all the time, he would of posted this 6 days ago.... just sayin

@9 I look forward to visiting your website as I assume it is far more original then this one.

@13, um...first off, this is me:

I assure you I am quite rash-less and there are no buns in my oven. :3 You however appear to follow the basic asinine rule of twat-ness when it comes to posting anonymously on the internet. So I guess I come out smelling like roses, yay!

Also, Dishy made me lawl.

Max mancum for the win

@9/17, your pic looks good, what street corner are you working tonight?

(grah double post, Amy fails at the innernetz)

I didn't mean to gripe, I just remember Ye Olde Days of Geekery as well as the happy community we all had with Hedonistica. Like, lots of these sites are just sort of becoming dumbed-down with the same stuff over and over (example please see FML, Failblog, MLIA, etc), the only user-generated content I see are chicks with boobs or borderline amusing video game inspired tattoos. I beseech the Geekologie community, we hast doth flood the GW's inbox with our funny, ballsy, and sometimes befouled content, images, videos, or general wankery that we often have in our daily, geeky lives!


@19: 5th and Broadway, be there at six PM, big boy, I have a Happy Hour/Happy Ending discount.


@15 - Bacon alarm clock..... *drools*

@Amy - You're friggin adorable. Also, I agree that a lot of GW's stuff has come from those sites lately, but on the other hand it's gotta be a bitch writing about 6-8 posts a day.

Just started it a couple days ago, so cut me some slack.

Amy's got a point; she's describing the Geek ideal. Plus, she's funny, smart, beautiful, and seems to like geeks. And she uses words like "beseech".

So let's all yell a lot of nasty idiot stuff at her and drive her away. Like we would in real life.

@Dishy - Wait, you mean not all of us geeks are socially inept bumbling idiots that only spout Stephen Hawking quotes and refer to things in Binary? DAMMIT! I guess I've been doing it wrong the whole time then!

Yeah, let's drive off probably the best looking female most of you have seen in a long time. Real smart.

this is the only site i go on so i never know wats old or new. i love this site and have no interest in going to another one. thanx GW for being my man lol

Ahaha, I guess their proofreader is getting laid off too.
Oh man, that is one newspaper someone should keep a copy of. :P

Amy, your ability to find a photo that conceals your actual repulsive looks is uncanny. I can only imagine that this is what you actually look like.

Skank. Die.

Who cares for "Oregon game ends Utah's era of perfection."?

They missed the previous page of editors, which spelled C*NT.

I don't get why this is FAIL and not WIN? They slipped it in, past the main editor.

This was definitely on purpose. The part 1 read C U N T.

Colossal WIN, indeed!

@30: Hehe, yeah, seems like someone put in their two weeks' and they just don't give a petoot anymore. Or they're just very, very sexually frustrated. I bet tomorrow's layout reads "DO WANT".

That's not layout fail, that's editor win.


the editor is just expressing his opinion at those leaving.

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