May 4 2010Star Wars Voices Coming To TomTom GPS


Beginning this month, GPS giant TomTom will be releasing one Star Wars character a month whose voice will be available for $13 download to guide you to your destination. They kicked it off with Darth Vader, but next is C-3PO, followed by Yoda and Han Solo. You can hear some previews of the Vader voice HERE or hit the jump for a little video of what it was like having him in the recording studio. Vader actually sounds pretty good, and I have a man-crush on Han so he's cool, but Yoda with all his backwards talk would get me lost as shit. And C-3PO is such a whiny little bitch I'd probably drive myself into a tree.

Hit it for the Vader vid.

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Thanks to Will and Lewis, who never need directions because they're always where they're going. That's some deep-ass shit right there.

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"Hmmm, turn right..."

Okay, that was close but i i made the turn.

" the next intersection, you will."

Argh! Dammit, Yoda!

"Turn left at the next intersection."

"ummm, I don't think that's rifght...."

"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

B-b-b-but, the girl I've been shacking up with in the long term has had Darth Vader on her TomTom for at least three years. I can't hear the video, so maybe it's a new set of recordings. Hers says "your journey to the dark side is complete," and, "prepare for the jump to hyperspace, take the highway," and so on.

I've had my TomTom for a couple years and I've had Darth Vader's voice (for free!!) on it since day one. Sure, it may not be "official" but it works, he's scary, he's mean, and he REALLY gets mad at you when you need to "TURN AROUND!!!"

Nazzy, It's "take the motorway."

Because obviously, he's British.


So when are we gonna get "Boba Fett Sings the Classics"?

I've had a yoda voice on my tomtom for at least a few years, too.

Anyway "funny" voices on a GPS are amusing for about 10 mins. And then you rejoin the rest of society and turn it back to the normal voice.

This is quite possibly the coolest thing I have seen all week. I am now contemplating pawning my Garmin Nuvi just so I can get a Tom Tom

Can't wait for the Chewbacca voice.......


Hmmm... Take a right in one hundred feet, you will...

"I need directions to Mos Eisley Spaceport."

"Hmmm matters not, destination. Journey is what makes us."

"Well how do I journey there?"

"Hmmm inside yourself, you must seek."


I've had Vader and Yoda for years, they were free downloads by imitators and they are quite good.
Vader: "In 400 yards, prepare to jump into hyperspace, take the motorway!"
Yoda: "In 300 yards, left, you must turn."

I want R2d2

Beep beep click beep click beep


jean luc piccard >>> darth vader

jean luc piccard >>> darth vader

dude, i have had a tomtom for two years, and have had yoda's and darth vader's voice on it....for two years. fail.

Sounds totally like Chad Vader.. or are they having JEJ and OZ do the voices...kinda sad for them if they do

use a map you fuckin pussies. or maybe even the giant green signs with white letters....

or how about we just learn less and simply rely on technology to do it for us...


fuck off in advance

Probably costs about 20 dollars per one instruction, and if you purchase the sound pack, you need to buy some new fancy maps as well for one year.

I take Nokia, free navigation, free maps and own sounds.

Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed! Keep
stuff like this coming.

I am waiting for Chewbacca:

"Mhooooaaaawn! Oeeehr!"
"I know Chewi, this was a Oneway..."
"Ouuuuooohmm! Mhuaawwwr!"
"This is NOT the wrong way!"
"Mhhhwwwwmmmoaaahr... "
"Oh shut up!"


There is no dark side. There is no light side. There is only the Unifying Force.



Yoda: a left turn here...

Me: alright ill just turn the wheel like so, and

Yoda: ....would be a mistake. Right turn you should take


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