May 17 2010Periodic Table Of Superhero Characteristics


Note: Not even an ant could read that little-ass chart so do yo eyeballs a delicious flavor and CLICK RIGHT HERE to see it in giganto-vision.

This is a periodic table created by ComicsAlliance senior writer Chris Sims describing 84 different characteristics of superheroes. You can use it to describe superheroes in the style of chemical formulas.

For instance: Superman comes out as: OAFSISpVxVhSn

Wolverine can be represented as XWxHSn

Poison Ivy is, of course, Iv

And Legion of Super-Heroes wannabe Arm-Fall-Off Boy is simply Af.

Neato. Me? I'm a SRcScVxTcGFmKfTlLgAgIlVGrUIsTGeAnEyGt. What are you? I mean, besides jealous. PEW PEW superpowers!

The Periodic Table Of Super-Powers [comicsalliance]

Thanks to Personal Robot Jesus, who saves and slays with equal dexterity.

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Reader Comments


What in the world would rogue be? All of them?

Awsome, its like create your own superhero.

Mine would combine the elements 73, 70, 4, 39, 11, 69


Well, she has some permament powers (Stolen from the too long touch with whats-her-face, Ms Marvel) such as strength.....

And I do see Ab - Absorption down there.

Tbh, the whole table feels sparse, empty and badly organised to me. Dunno why, just not liking it :/

On the subject of X-men, Gambit...

Energy control, but I didn't see anything that fitted for him :S Kinetic energy would if up there I guess?

GW put two Gt (gadgetry) in his formula.
so i guess he's a super-good-at-gadgetry multiple eyed giant turtle with x-ray vision


Epic, decided to work that out xD

18 56 15

hum I'd be 39 71 25 30 11 and intimidating or so my ex bf's say...;]

@4 I agree. The idea is good but, the execution could be better.

hum i'd be 60 11 69 17

but i'm a bitch so...

Aquaman would be... Talking to fishes... wait, I knew it he's not so super.

I didn't see "multiple orgasms" up there, it totally should be.

aww no ghosty, demon, or zombeh attributes? common there were a few comic folks I know with em'. I wonder if you folks do?

looks like im 3 4 5 11 12 19 39 22 67 68 31

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