May 28 2010Optimus Prime Drawn Only Using Bic Pens


Note: Full-res shots of the amazingness HERE and HERE.

Remember Jesse Starr? The man who drew the incredible Bic pen-only portrait of Christopher Walken (not to mention yours truly riding a dinosaur battling a volcano)? Well he's back at it, this time with an Optimus Prime portrait created using nothing but black, red and blue Bics.

This auction is for an original ball-point pen drawn portrait of Optimus Prime. It was skillfully created with the use of black, blue and red Bic Ball Point Pens only. It is impossible to appreciate the stunning mastery of the drawing through a photograph, but it is guaranteed as a piece to be cherished by collectors of all degrees.

Actual art is 12"x16.5" on white Vellum artist paper (not including frame)

Beautifully displayed in a modern custom frame (included)

Took approximately 50 hours to create

The piece is available on eBay now and a limited edition of $45 prints are also availab-- wait -- did that say it took 50 hours to create? Jesus, I've never completed anything that's taken that long (Twilight Princess only took me 40). Good lookin', Jesse. Seriously -- you're one handsome-ass devil.

eBay Auction
Prints for Sale
Official Site (plus Facebook -- he's handsome, I wasn't lying)

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Reader Comments

That is skill..... just sayin

Thats impressive!

Thats impressive!

good looking Optimus, now wax my trunk

needs more gears, cogs, and goggles.

Long live the robots!

Things like this make me feel bad about myself.

Very good job, however the angle perception is off in some areas. Seems especially noticeable on the left foot where the center do-dad is angled out instead of in. Of course maybe that's supposed to be how it appears. I have to admit I know very little about Transformers other than that Megan Fox chick is smokin hot. Now there's a bic pen drawing that people might buy.

That is total donkey poo. BIC pens are lame.

Damn that is some crazy mad skills right there...............just sayin

Here is a link to the source:

Everything is as close as I could get it. Thanks for all the comments so far, much appreciated!

Shit like this makes me realize how pathetically untalented I am. This guy makes a giant sheet of awesome just on a whim, and so far in my entire life, my greatest achievement was jerking off 12 times in one day.

As a fellow artist to another: NICEEEEE!!!!

@8 - Go fuck yourself. I would bet all you can draw is a large crowd, as they watch you felate a disease-ridden hobo by the side of the road. Ass-clown.

I have always wanted to base a composition around different color bics. Man that's making me miss using bics, now all I use is micron pens. I should start sending GW my shit, although it's less comic booky and more psychedelic/ politicaly. I will say though, I wouldn't value it at $2000. I really don't think you're going to get any bids at that price, best of luck to you though.

@8 & 14 - Where?!? Let's get this done!

Can anyone else just smell that bic pen ink smell just by looking at this? That smell is awesome.

50 fucking hours? Seriously, Bic pens aren't THAT hard to work in. I should start sending GW drawings for a few grand, maybe make some pocket money.

@18 - any links to some of your work? I'd like to see. THANKS!

someone give this guy a job at marvel!

@Jesse: Not that it isn't awesome, I'm just sort of bitter about people drooling over work copied from references, and particularly Bic because it's actually easier to shade with than other pens. Peeve of mine.

@21 - I don't just copy. I only choose certain things to copy now and then because I enjoy the subject matter and they are always extremely (extremely) challenging. I enjoy saying 'that looks impossible to draw, let's see... maybe I'll make it even harder by using a pen'. I see it as more of a homage than copying in that regard since I put so much into it. I would say that about 5-10% of the work I have done has been copied subject matter, maybe less. Almost all of it, including the comic book that I write and illustrate by myself, is created by me. Thanks again for the feedback, your art is beautiful btw, very impressed, everyone should check it out, it really is good. :)

Thanks. I salute your attention to detail.

Me and Optimus prime had sex once.

it hurt.

He wants at least $2,000 for it...

$2000? wtf?? that fool is smoking something

@26 I am surprised that no one else said anything about that... I mean fuck is that really a thin sheet of white gold he drew it on?

@5 lol

Woooooooooooooooooooow when you see the drawing at

woooowwwwww i got fucking amazed maaaaaaaaaaan u are a genius. The drawings at geekologie are not showing the detailed textures/- colors (i know u used three, but if you managed them fine u can do tons of em, well u know that..)/- shadows etc...

OMG I'm so fucking imprezed Jesse thanks for reading our comments you are soooooooooo damn GOD of drawing!

That's the source haha I'm stupid. But still impressed Woah!

Lol @ 29. Thanks :)

To all those saying $2000 is too much that's why he has prints for $45. He will get $2000 for it just like he has on other pieces because he is established and people seek out his work. When you can produce art on that level, you can ask whatever price you want.

Jesse, Christ, your a super Starr artist.

Puns aside, really nice work.

Hey, the facebook link is broken. Why'd ya delete your account? Too much handsome?

Jesse Starr - "I don't just copy. I only choose certain things to copy now and then because I enjoy the subject matter and they are always extremely (extremely) challenging."

As a commercial artist myself, I can appreciate your wanting to challenge yourself and improve your skills, we all do - however *copying* existing art, in this case an ILM 3D render, your Walken "drawing" was a *copy* of a Mark Seliger portrait, and one can only assume that your first "ball point" piece titled "Leighann" was also *copied* from another photograph, and then *selling* that work is not only an infringement on the original photographer's own works of art, but also highly unethical if not legally questionable.

You have talent, it's a shame that you would use it to profit by infringing on the works of true artists.

@34 - As I said, this represents a fraction of my work. The Leighann and Amanda pictures are original photos. Amanda is involved in the comic book that I write and illustrate myself and Leighann is a very good friend of mine. I agree with you to a certain extent but I really like Optimus Prime, that shit was insanely hard to draw, I credited the source and noted that Hasbro owns the trademarks. I never claimed to be the one who created the source, I drew something that I liked, thats all. I've spent 4 years building the Superhuman Experiment from scratch. It is my passion and it's all original. Besides, I don't have access to Christopher Walken, I can't take a photo of him and neither can any of the millions of other people who draw him and other celebrities on a daily basis. I always credit the source if it wasn't me. I even sent Christopher Walken himself a print. I love art for arts sake but sometimes I just want to do something that is technical and challenging as hell because I enjoy pushing my skill to MY limit. This is the first thing I have drawn from an outside source since Walken, which was a long time ago. Other than that I spend literally close to every day working on my own art and my own creations (a lot of which won't be seen until the book hits stores in July). I'm not trying to be an ass, I just think that your attacks are not justified, at least not in my case. Either way, thanks for the comment, I appreciate your concern. :)

Umm, ok. Thanks for clearing that up, Jesse. See? Your schedule of production, the difficulty of execution, the amount of time they take to produce, or the quantity are not the issue, that you are "profiting from other artist's work" is. Because unless you've received explicit authorization from the original artist to sell work based on their originals, what you are doing is outright infringement and tantamount to thievery.

But you go right on ahead wrongfully justifying and excusing your activities - I'm sure ILM and Mark Seliger appreciate your selling copies of their work; and maybe once you've developed the ability to produce equally impressive work from original sources, another equally unethical "artist" will make copies and profit from it as well.

As obviously talented as you are, it's also clear now that you are equally lacking in judgment and respect for the peers from which you are so blatantly profiting. That's your choice, but if you do intend to improve your talents and continue to develop a professional career as an artist, I'd suggest that you prioritize on improving your techniques and original concepts, and leave the "pirating" to others; because no matter how you excuse or "rationalize" what you're doing, it is fully unethical if not outright stealing and extremely frowned upon by true artists.

@ 36 = Troll

Unless you created Optimus Tard, or own Tardsformers copyrights.

Well that's pretty awesome. I done stuff sort of like this before. The most fun part of drawing this must have been scribbling in all that flat red after finishing the whole thing. I love doing those kinds of embellishments. Its like dessert after dinner.

Anyway, way to bat off those trolls, Jesse. You can tell you are a professional by the way you conduct yourself with courtesy and by not getting into a flame war.

Thanks @38 and everyone else who agrees, much appreciated and thanks again for the compliments. Thanks to the rest of you as well for offering another perspective. Also thanks again GW for posting.

Hey I love this piece of work. I enjoyed your other bic illustration that was featured a while ago both amazing pieces. Keep em coming i enjoy checking them out.

I also do some illustration with fine liner ink pens its more sureal.

Would like to have your opinion on my work Jesse/Geekologie readers.

Once again this is amazing keep em coming.

@40 - Hey George, your work is awesome man, really. I didn't know how to contact you without signing up on that site. Get ahold of me at

Thanks for sharing the tut with me/us. It was beautifully described. Well done. Looking forward for more tuts from you!

Thanks for sharing the tut with me/us. It was beautifully described. Well done. Looking forward for more tuts from you!

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