May 29 2010Large Crane Is Large, Lifts Korean Warship


There are cranes, and then there are CRANES. This is one of the all capital ones.

This warship is the [South Korean] Cheonan, which has an interesting history. The 1,200-ton vessel was split into two after being struck by a North Korean torpedo. It sank into the Yellow Sea on the March 26th, 2010. 46 of the 104 members of the crew perished.

The rear section of the warship was recovered recently, on April 15th. The bow, which is pictured above, was lifted out of the water on April 24th

Hello, South Korea? This is the GW. I know it's the third time in a month, but I was wondering if maybe I could borrow your crane for a little. My penis is on the floor again.

Hit the jump for a shot of the whole crane. Which, SPOILER: It's f***ing huge.


gigantic crane lifts korean battleship out of the water! [technabob]

Thanks to Stephen, who once sunk his own batttleship and isn't good at Monopoly either.

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Reader Comments

I've seen bigger


dab nabbit!

My Sonicare toothbrush cover is bigger...FOURTH

HAH GW. The one that takes to lift my penis is twice as large as that one.

So it lifts shit out of the water. Anything else? I mean does it rotate at all?

This crane needs more headcrabs

¬¬ from megamovers show!!??

Bah, i bet it doesn't even have a cupholder!

Bet it can't lift my fat ass out of bed in the morning

Large crane is large?!

Or should it be "Small warship is small"?

Either way, that shit is shooped.

It's only a model.

Makes me think of Mr. Fantastic and Waldo (of Where's Waldo?). ... Do kids these days know who Waldo is?

silly humans thats not large you should see our astrolift robocranes. *roboflex*

Dennis Hopper died come the Geekolo-G, Superficial, and/or WatchStuff arent repping the dude that was the only good thing in the movie Speed?

My mouth dropped, first thing i said was, "That's motherfucking huge."

The crane looks like nanny's sock's from muppet babies lol.

The shadows are all right.

forget the ship, how do the lift the crane out of the water?

@Fattius J Guy
I know Fish isn't reporting it because hes outta town for a wedding.

I got a bigger crane lifting my dick out of my pants when taking a piss.

@13 Waldo FTW. Best comment ever.

@17 Second best.

@12 Honorable mention.

That's the second biggest crane I've ever seen!

That's just a shipyard crane. They're not that uncommon.

My penis weighs 1,200 tons! Each one of my balls weigh 5 tons a piece, and when I walk it sounds like thunder when my nuts bang together. *BOOM -- BOOM -- BOOM!*

Yea that is a big fucking CRANE!

and guys.. seriously.. repeating the whole "my dick is so big" joke like ten times.. it's stopped being funny a a while ago.

Erm... So I thought... Wow that ship is big baby... in the first pic. Then... Awe... baby ship looks so tiny compared to the crane.
Maybe developing obsession with large inanimate objects thanks to this post.

i say juggle act

I think it is a political secret.Who knows which one is correct.

Really,.. no one made it? Ok, i'll do it: Iheard they have bigger ones in the Ukraine, Badoom-diss,

@30 Ha ha! I just got that!! Nice :)

@23: Would William Shatner (as Denny Crane) be the biggest?

I dunno exactly how big the crane is, but the dudes on the inflatable boats in the background of the first shot must be fucking huge.

thats a big ass crane

its clearly in the water and is hoisted on a boat, i really want to know how the f$#& they got it suspended on a boat which clearly does not have a good base, i mean by Odin's blade how is it staying up? there must be a boat behind it unless its just out at port while its being pulled back by a reel or some shit attached to the harbor. Unless there is another boat behind that one, and is somehow reeling it in. IDK i would like to, but i don't.


Wow...photoshop can save the world!

Made in Korea. I hope that thing lasts longer than my dvd player.

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