May 22 2010Knight XV: Luxury SUV Of The Apocalypse


Looking for a ridiculously expensive SUV to plow through crowds of the undead when the zombie apocalypse begins? Then look no further than Conquest Vehicles' Knight XV. It's bulletproof and you can get it with a minibar option. Um, yes please!

Conquest Vehicle Inc's flagship vehicle, the KNIGHT XV defines the future of the ultra-luxurious, handcrafted fully armoured SUV. This one-of-a-kind, V10, 6.8-litre, Bio-fuel powered SUV was inspired by military vehicle designs and features security appointments that are unrivaled in today's SUV marketplace.

The KNIGHT XV(TM) is priced at $295,000 USD. Only 100 will be made available as a limited first run. Each vehicle takes 1,500 hours to build by hand.

The KNIGHT-XV(TM) is built using ballistic hardened steel making it fully armoured including ballistic fiberglass fenders, bumper and up to 64 mm. (2.5 inches) transparent armor (glass).

Admittedly it's pretty badass looking, but I'm skeptical about any car they're only making 100 of. I mean, I DON'T WANT TO BE THE ONE THAT FINDS OUT THE BRAKES STOP WORKING AFTER 10,000 MILES. Thanks but no thanks, Conquest -- there's only one vehicle you can really trust during the zombie apocalypse: Optimus Prime. Kidding, that f***er will eat you alive!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of the STEP ON THE GAS, GO GO GO!!








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Thanks to Rowan Stone, who prefers canoeing to rolling. *zing!*

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Reader Comments


Wow, I read the whole story too, until I noticed the "Comments (0)"!


Yes but can it go off-road?

Haha, I thought it was the new bat mobile..... That being said, I want one!

No whale penis leather =FAIL

Thank God for redne, I mean the C.I.A.

wow... i wonder what the gas mileage is...? not that i care, im still gonna get one... cause im really rich and have reason to spend it all on dumb stuff. (by dumb i of course mean awesome)!!!

it makes the hummer look like a compact car.

My husband and I are just gonna paint a number 3 on the side of our Jeep when the Zombie Apocalypse begins. Just sayin....

Does it have a whale penis interior too, and WOW it makes the hummer H2 look like a Smart car. That being said, I ordered 98, because the other too were already taken.

The windscreen wipers don't look too bulletproof.

I thought it would be bigger!

@13 that's what she said

Srsly, wat gud iz this without a turret, or at least shooting holes like armored trucks have.

Saw blades in the front would be nice too. Think Speed Racer.

Im sure when the apocalypse hits BioFuel is gonna be so readily available

@15... Zombies = BioFuel

Soo... perspective shot? No way it's really that much bigger than the H2.

Also, [insert ploughing joke]!

That shit better have an ipod hook up...

I mean.. why be runnin over the undead if you can't be blastin some good tuneage while you do it..

no offence people of geekology but to me that thing is just one big love machine
throw some pillows in the back and hook the battery up to the bodywork
make some sweet love... any zombies try get in

look at the pic with the door open
the lock on that thing is smaller then gw's penis
i wouldnt trust that during a zombie apocalypse
i want steel bolts like on a bank vault
and one of those big wheels u gotta turn to close them from the inside

Ok, first off, Zombies don't f%&$*#^ shoot bullets at you. So the bulletproof thing is useless.

Second, what you want in the Zombie Apocalypse is a hybrid. You want to be able to drive as long as possible on as little gas as possible. With the added weight of the ballistic metal and windows, the gas mileage will be worse than a Hummer.

Sure, using this to plow through a crowd of Zombies is rad, but because that won't kill them, it's also useless. I'll take the extra gas mileage and just drive around them. Plus, you can retrofit a hybrid with barbed wire and spikes on the side to fend them off.

Actually bulletproof glass is handy. Seeing as how a dinky hybrid would only take one zombie fisting through the windshield. I don't see you driving around after that.

Secondly all cars run out of gas eventually. Would you rather be stuck in a little car that could be ripped apart in about 2 minutes by a pack of flesh hungry monsters? I think I'd rather take my chances in my spacious impenetrable beast of an s.u.v.

Lastly....I am just picturing a prius decorated in barbed wire and spikes. I don't even have to say anything about that. At the end of the day: you fail.


Make sure to get it in whale penis interior too you whale homosexual!

I want a pink one!

@ 21 There will be so many cars stranded on the road due to the fact that everyone is trying to leave at the same time. lets see your crappy little smart car plow through that. Check and Mate.

A key, omg a key....
On my 20K$ car, i push a button to start the engine...

A key, that's so 90's...

I'd rather get a Rolls and die in style... hahaha...

looks like the civilian SUV from Red Faction Guerrilla.

I thought it was the size of an explorer. I clicked the jump and scrolled down to the last shot, then BAM! its HUGE!

Proof that the now China-owned Hummers ARE gay = H2 sniffing KXV's bunghole. BOOYAH!!

I think most of these will get shipped to Oil Princes in Saudi Arabia or show offs in Dubai. They can actually afford the gas for this anyway.

This is looks like the limo of choice for drug lords. I gotta get me one. :D

kinda looks like the mrav , but 250,000 dollars cheaper wonder how it would do on the baja!

@22, you said fisting haha, also cars can still run without windows jackass and if its that close to the window im blastin' it wit da .45 WOOT
@27 HIGH FIVE YOU WIN! ... or lose, ither way your stylin!
And this thing IS cool, untill you fucking roll it, then your fucked its so big your never going to get it right side up.

fuck that
i'm making my own

and yet still nothing to protect the tires. sigh....

saw this during the gumball rally, its INSANELY big

what about tyres, rubber will melt in the apocalypse

Not bad ... not too shabby at all. But I would still bug out in the old trusty ute. That thing really IS indestructible. Long live the Mighty Hilux !!! ... LOL Better fuel economy too.

wow .... new vehicles were male.

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