May 28 2010Kids Say Write The Darndest Things: Child's Letter To Institute Of Physics Regarding LHC


Allegedly this is a letter received by the Institute of Physics that was written by a youngster concerned about the Large Hadron Collider. And I'd almost believe it too if the handwriting and drawing weren't so perfect. But what really tipped me off was the intentional misspellings of hadron and hadrons as "hardon" and "hardons". CONSIDER YOURSELF TROLLED, INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS!

"Dear Sir, My Brother Was Telling Me About The Large Hardon Collider..." [gizmodo]

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Bosom and Boson are also intentionally misspelled.
The Pen is Mightier

hmmm, smart kid


Let's bash our hardons together! :D

No? D:

I call fake. But only Daisy can tell for sure.

GW, don't be coy, you wrote that letter dintcha?

Hello, goodbye.

This ones.... real?

David as in David Throppe?

It's called docking.

Fake. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

More crap "news". This isn't even remotely funny. Also you can easily tell it's a fake. Whomever wrote this actually tried to hard to make mistakes. I can'st stand crap like this. It's pointless, stupid and not even funny GW, you are losing your touch.

Hehehehe.. I love it. Wonder if this was actually sent or whether this may be made up news. If this really WAS sent - hats off to the guy (or gal) that wrote it up. Clearly not written by a kid - but funny as sh%t!

Hardon Collider.. And then you make a (watch the underlining) " wormhole " Still chickling about it.


I feel this kids pain. I'm scared of Large Hardons too =[

@9 Do you mean David Thorne of 7 legged spider fame?

Really nice post, keep it up.

Really nice post, keep it up.

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