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He's On The Mushrooms: Mario Intervention


Note: Short (2:00) and long (10:00) versions of the video are both after the jump.

Mario, like most of us heroes, is an addict. Except instead of Flintstones vitamins and pinball, Mario is into the mushrooms. The hard stuff. Kidding, mushrooms aren't actually hard. They're kind of dry and the texture makes me want to vomit just thinking about it even if I'm thinking about it mixed with a spoonful of peanut butter. Did I mention they like to get stuck between your teeth? Stay away from drugs, kids. This is a video about Mario's intervention. I didn't watch it, but if it's anything like The Sopranos episode Luigi will probably whip his ass for accidentally sitting on Yoshi and suffocating him. It was made by Nocturnal Emissions, the same guys that did the Rampage and Paperboy movies. But what you really want to see is the other video of theirs I posted after the jump. It's about a company that's in the business of inventing new sexual terms. It's completely 100,000% NSFW and unsuitable for anybody of any age and shouldn't be viewed by humans at all but my dog watched it twice and then hacked up a piece of partially chewed rawhide.

Hit it for the videos.





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