May 5 2010Happy Cinco de Mayo!: Star Wars Loteria


Well folks, it's Cinco de Mayo. And you know what that means: I've been drinking margaritas since eight AM and don't know what my name is anymore. Kidding, it's Juanito. Anyways, before I forget -- these are some Star Wars themed Mexican Lotería (kind of similar to bingo) cards designed by artist Chepo Peña. You can check out the whole set by following the link to Chepo's website at the bottom. Gaming aside, by the time you read this I'll be halfway to Mexico to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Tijuana. So if you don't hear from me tomorrow morning I'm either A) dead 2) in a Mexican jail or C) took quadruple the recommended dose of Spanish fly and stabbed myself blind with my own wiener. All of which *BLAAAAAAAAH* oh yeah, that one popped blood vessels. Wish me luck!

Chepo's Website
Star Wars Loteria tribute [boingboing]

Thanks to Axia and Nicholas, who both agree Cinco de Mayo is their favorite holiday, sombreros down.

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Reader Comments

gunna catch crBS

Mexican bingo ftw.

I giggled like a bitch.


muy buena!
viva Mexica este 5 de mayo cabrones!
viva geekologie!
viva geekologie writer :D!


El writer de geekologie se la rifa el wey, que raro que este post no tiene tantos comments, ARRIBA GEEKOLOGIE, FROM MEXICO!!


A huevo!... y me la pelas cucaracha!

a fuerzass siii vivaa mexiicoo, dan ganas de jugar con esa loteria de star wars, xD , sii estaria chidoo..bien genial..

El geekologie writer entenderá español?

Ein Sonnenkollektor oder auch Solarkollektor ist eine Vorrichtung zur Sammlung der im Sonnenlicht enthaltenen Energie. Traditionell steht die Bezeichnung für einen thermischen Solarkollektor, der mit der „eingefangenen“ Sonnenenergie ein Übertragungsmedium (Heizwasser) aufheizt, wobei nahezu das gesamte Strahlungsspektrum des Sonnenlichtes in thermischen Solaranlagen mit relativ hohem Wirkungsgrad ausgenutzt wird. Vorrichtungen zur Gewinnung von elektrischer Energie in Photovoltaikanlagen werden dagegen als Solarmodule bezeichnet.

I know how much you love those "classic" (old) links about stuff. So in that playing card vein, in 2008 I did my own set of quantum physicists vs philosophers top trumps.
Now you can find out who would win in a fight between Bertrand Russell and Stephen Hawking!

El geekologie writer entenderá español?

I don't get it.

Spanish for lame? El lameo....

Hmm..traditional version for the win.

why is vader a melon?

Viva Mexico Cabrones!!!

GW you´re invited to México whenever you like...

Holaaaaaa hugo galletas!!! yo te conozco de creo que ahi les puse esta página jejejeje saluditos!!!

GW vennnnn aca hay muchos dinosaurios que puedes montaR!!!!! Long live dino riders

@ 18

*Sigh*, that isn't the head of Darth Vader. It is the head of Luke Skywalker when it was severed in a test with himself in the caves of Dagobah.

wow es me da gusto ver que muchos de mexico leen geekologie

Hey GW do you speak spanish?

if someday you really go to mexico you should visit more like in the center instead of just the border, that's the good side of mexico, in the border i think you'll be dead like in five minutes. Just sayin

@16 Spanish for lame= chafa, like that crap.

Why is it that when you say anything about Mexico, they flock?.

You can go to Juárez and kill some hookers instead :-P

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