May 5 2010Girls Are Bad At Sound Effects, Sci-Fi Edition


NOTE: Hit the jump for the video. And I encourage you to make a noise when you do it and tell the rest of us what it sounded like in the comments. The one I made sounded like one of those slide-y doors on Star Trek.

If you're a longer short-time reader of Geekologie and not one of the people that sends me tips for things I posted yesterday, you may recall the 'Girls are Bad at Sound Effects' video I posted back in January. Well here's another one, with a sci-fi focus. And although the video's title insinuates girls are bad at sound effects, I thought they did a great job. Granted not as good as I could have done, but I can't cook dinner or clean a bathroom, so we're even. Somehow.

Hit it for the video.

Girls are Bad at Sound Effects II [collegehumor]

Thanks to Cowbell Fever, whose sound is like music to my ears. Cows' too. Kidding, they can't stand those things. It's like the bovine equivalent of scraping your nails on a chalkboard.

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Reader Comments



That was bad, but in a good way!

That was disturbingly cute.


It sounded like a queef but I am not sure how to spell how a queef sounds.

My ROFLCOPTER goes soisoisoisoisoisoisoisoisoi

My noise was "bOOp!"


@The Chief, fucking funny.

@8 you stole my name so i chose a cooler one

I'm pretty sure that was '12 year old boys are bad at sound effects'.

Toot it and Boot it


Why is Darth Vader snoring?

Is it me or do they keep saying "Jew, Jew"?

they went nazi for the star wars part... Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew

This should be called "Bieber does sfx"

The gun SFXs are OK, just sayin...

haha, they say "c h i n k" at Sulu! racist b i t c h e s!!

that was really cute. i loved r2d2's noises.

She sounds like a person who has had a tracheostomy done when she does the vader breathing.

droid - thats the sound it made

Geek chicks... yummy... I can haz geek chick?

those weren't that bad.

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Kinda nice actually.

The sound of my bacon sizzling.


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