May 31 2010Freedom Isn't Free: Happy Memorial Day


I'd like to take this time to thank all the servicemen and women who have given their lives so that I can write without fear or censorship. And to those still serving: keep up the good work, and come home safe.

Here's to you,

The Geekologie Writer

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I spread ma' buttcheeks

Happy Memorial Day!

apple invented freedom back in the 80's, nobody thank me *cough*

It's illegal to paint on bald eagles.

I'd forgotten what we were fighting for.
Thanks for reminding me that it's for freedom..

I feel sad thinking about all the lost lives but today IS FOR THEM! THNXS FOR EVERYTHING!!!:D

Thanks for everything :)

That Bald Eagel has the most bad-ass feather tattoo I've ever seen!

In Canada, we're too awesome for this day... just kidding, have a happy memorial day i guess!

Penis.... that is all...


You are welcome and thank you for making us lols on a daily basis.

I'm sorry but honestly, people are dying on both sides not for freedom but in vain.

your classiness surprises me GW. here's to you folks stateside.

Thanks for nothing. . .chumps!

Thanks GW!

Petty Officer Mastrota ( Gunners Mate )
United States Coast Guard

God Bless America.

Very classy, GW. I tip my hat to you, sir.

the most serious comment i think we will ever witness on geekologie.


Man, I have been coming to your site daily for really long time now, and not one time have I felt the need to post anything, but thank you for taking the time. and thanks for the laughs....looking forward to more.

Well said, GW.

Thank you, sir and thank you Sgt. "Sev" Summers for your ultimate sacrifice!

I'll pay my buck O' 5; at the bowser.

I respect the troops from before the Gulf Persian War, anything after that are just morons too stupid to go to college (even to become an officer straight out of college). Soldiers now days don't go for "freedom" and to "protect the country" they go because they were too stupid to contribute positively to the world so they go out and kill anything they see as a threat.

That's a pretty ignorant statement Anonymoose

Shame that the internet isnt free and uncensored.

Thanks for serving your country, grandpa.

I'm not American. But I appreciate what you've all said about stuff like that.
Have a great memorial day :D

Two out of the last three posts are serious posts? What the hell?

But um... I appreciete the freedom! Much thanks to all the people who didn't go and screw that up, and all the people who faught/ fight for it!

We will need them for the robot/zombie apocalypse

US say: Memorial Day. UK say: Bank Holiday.

See, we thank the banking community. Keep up the good work guys! Get home safe!

"Hello, Irony? Yes, how are you?"

i almost cried...

have a great memorial day!

thanks to all the american troops that have died for our freedom!

and death to isreal!

Thanks predator missiles on inocent people =) like obama said a "predator missile is coming" u'll never see it.

But happy memorial day

Now, get two more of those painted eagles, and slap a moon on there somewhere and you got yourself a t-shirt.....

^I demand a percentage though....


Freedom that isn't Free isn't True Freedom.

If you have to pay for it, if it comes w/ strings attached, it's not really Freedom, now is it?

@ 12, 24, 34, and 37


That is all.

Happy Memorial Day!

Enjoy the freedom while it still lasts. If the loss of civil liberties continues, we'll be enslaved by the very system so many of us died to protect.

God Bless America.

freedom isn't free... no, there's a hefty fuckin fee.

All your base are belong to us.

I'm no American and all but I give tons of kudos to GW for taking some time off the uber awesome stuff and just remembering his own country. Cheers!

P.S. I said 'his'.. Are you really a male? I honestly don't know :)

"YOU are free... to do what WE tell you!"

"I'm afraid of Americans-"

CLASS ACT post there -- former Airman.

Up here in Canada we have Rememberance Day, no sales , no special buys just a minute of silence at 11am on Nov 11th to honor the fallen. I dont want 10% off a product to honor the fallen soldiers..
Just my op... Freedom isn't Free it's just free if you by a new TV

Lest we forget

GW, I have never posted anything here before, but as many have said before me, thank you for the wonderful post. And thank you for the laughs! They are much appreciated!

Never posted before. Excellent sentiment. Thanks GW

God I hate this post.

Herp derp I support the morons going to Iraq to give them talibans freedoms. These soldiers give up their lives for us for their freedoms durrrr.


soldiers die for multinational companys economical intrests.

In memoriam...

@5 you know you can say what you want here and think your witty, but i dare you to tell a single family of a living or fallen servicemember that.

@51, you said it man.
Die for Shell or Enron or even Google or Apple?
God bless the brave new world!

bitches be crazy

I don't come to this site for bullshit like this.

@53: If i got to talk to a family who had a son or a daughter who died in a war for USA i would not scream "OMG YOUR SON/DAUGHTER IS A TOOL FOR CORPORATE AMERICA!!", seriously, what would that help?

They had enough pain allready i reckon.

The fact still stands tho.
Reason for war =! Freedom for america or whatever country your "liberating"
Reason for war = $ for Companies.

54. funny guy!

24 speaks more truth than any other commenter.

bad Translator:
Original text:

"I'd like to take this time to thank all the servicemen and women who have given their lives so that I can write without fear or censorship. And to those still serving: keep up the good work, and come home safe."

...54 translations later we get:

"I have my Mistakes in the world, and I love them all. End of speech."

Sure 24, and yet without them, everyone in this country would be worshiping Allah or getting their heads chopped off instead. And erm, it takes more then morons to manage the planes, the ships the tanks and all the other technology that goes into making the military what it is. Military is not just shooting a gun ya know? Obviously not.

That is the most badass eagle around.

americans... you should know that you live under a serious fear campaign so your government can go around the world with a flag of "i'm freeing my country" and mess up with anyone that crosses on it's interests (including thousands of innocent people) and then happily celebrate your memorial day.

wake up people!
i would be very ashamed as an american celebrating this day

The fact of the matter is; we all come here for essentially the same reason, This site is humorous and interesting.

That being said, I think this post is absolute horse-shit, and completely irrelevant to the website... but at the same time it's the geekologie writer's web page, and he or she can put whatever retarded crap up he or she chooses.

basically what I mean by this is; I'm mildly annoyed, but ultimately don't really give a fuck.

Rody, we do come here for chuckles, chuckles, chucky cheese's, how do you like them Apples? The apples of Johnny Appleseed, who tragically died exactly how Jimmy Dean died (in a space-ship, with 14 virgins and Cujo from Stephen King's book). Let's all plant Apple trees in the U.S. for more
economic independence, let's plant "too many" apple trees, so when people ask
how many do we have, we'll just say too many but never know the exact number... which is 20,302,?00. -Ironically, the wild-card is not in the 'ones' place but in the hUndreds. See what I did there?

Wee no one said it yet

Thanks GW :)


I'm a troop myself and a loyal reader of this blog. Thanks for the tip of the hat to those gave some, all, or are still giving for this great nation. And to all those who are knocking the war, that's cool, but support the troops. This is an all volunteer force, and not one to be triffled with. Stand by us or fix shit yourselves.

I don't fight for people's freedom anymore, because let's be honest, not many appreciate it. Those that do, and say something inevitably have a swarm of assholes telling them how stupid they are for supporting us. No, I fight for a chump change on the 1st and 15th of the month and to further my own ideals. If I help others while I'm doing it, awesome, if not, I don't really care. Thank you for showing your support GW and everyone else, it does my heart good to see people still support us.

I can't believe how many people have come out of the woodwork to talk shit about the U.S. military. As a PFC in the Army, I perform Intel Analysis, have a top secret clearance, and can walk into a civilian job with the starting pay of $80,000 a year. Thats not why I did it though. I joined to pay for my College education, because I couldn't afford it. So people saying that other joined because they can't contribute to society, or are morons with no other options are plain wrong. I joined because I love education, I love helping other people, and I've gained more inner and physical strength then you have. Not to mention I've made some of the best friends ever, and gained brothers. What have you done with your life?

To all of those posters who felt the need to say something derogatory or hateful about those that this day is honoring, or about those who are currently serving in the military, I have just one thing to say to you.

Your Welcome.

Army National Guard.

You kick ass

The fuck. I saw no lulz in the above post.

@ Austin Kinder I WANNA ROCK !!!!

Bottom line : respect people with guns.

Supporting the troops and remebering the fallen has nothing to do with actual politics, so let's just save that for tomorrow.


You said it best.

USAF - 10 years and counting.

The Troops

It is the Troops, not the minister
Who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the Troops, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the Troops, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the Troops, not the campus organizer,
who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the Troops, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the Troops,
who salutes the flag,
who serves under the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
who allows the protester to burn the flag.

1776 - 2010..........and Beyond

A+ to all of you, you will probly go to heaven as well :)

Let's bring our troops home from these dead end political wars and get back to actually defending freedom, not exporting the corporate definition of it. Listen well to President Eisenhower and beware the military-industrial complex.

You all do realize that not only is there a severe amount of trolling going on here, but also that posting a comment to some obscure website does NOTHING to help your point, don't you?

Like Police protect you from being mugged or shot or stabbed every day, even though most of you have never seen it happen, or has never been in the situation, Like OSHA protects you from hazards at work, but most of you have never come across anything at work that could harm you, Like Food Standards companies protect you from eating foods that could potentiolly carry diseases or be outdated, though a lot of you may never have had that problem when eating at restaurants, All of these organizations protect you from things that can harm you, but you never see them. Because they are doing their jobs right. And if you have, it is unfortunate, but it happens, and these companies move in to combat them in the future with more regulations.

The same with the military. None of you have ever felt like you were in danger of having your freedom taken away. Because the Military does their job. Few civilians have suffered and DID have their freedom taken away. Their lives. But we make sure to remember them. Unlike you, we in the military keep them in spirit. Sure we may be over seas somewhere we should or should not be. Sure we may be doing things are could or could not be right. But we didnt choose to. YOUR GOVERNMENT chose to send us. The guys you elected. Blame yourselves for where we are. Blame yourselves for electing the ones who make the decision to send us over. Strange isnt it? You want to attack and call us the idiots, when civilians are the ones in charge of where we go. That just proves your level of education of how government and the military work.

Other than that. The Marine Corps, The Air Force, The Navy, The Army, The National Guard, The Coast Guard, DoD, Every service thanks those who support us for the support. Thank you GW. For those who argue against and say some trolling nasty comments. Buy yourselves a gun. You might need it when Sh*t hits the fan and we dont care about you. Oh. And like the National Guardsmen before me said.

Your Welcome

-Current USMCR Member

The people who think we're still fighting for freedom needs to wake up and see, that killing people is not the right way to gain freedom.

thanks we appreciate it

Freedom? More like Oil...

There are many different types of freedom: media freedom, economic freedom, political freedom etc. All in all, freedom is power, and if you’re not careful someone is gonna try to take it from you. Thanks to all who fight to protect our freedom, even for the dbs who are not smart enough to see its value.


soldiers just don't kill people, we provide aid, medical services, we rebuild homes, schools, introduce education.

sure i don't agree with the method, but at least i do what i can to limit the destruction, suffering, and death.

Fighting for freedom? Where exactly?

Are we fighting for the freedom of those in Gaza? North Korea? Many African states?


Why? Because there is no political or financial benefit to do so. The West (That's basically the US and us here in the UK) only wage war when it suits them, and not (even by self imposed standards) there is the greatest suffering or hardship. Where is there a just war going on right now?

Are the forces doing a good job? How can they be, they may be doing it bravely, and making sacrifices but how can it be "good" when it is not "just"

As Willy in the original V once said...

I am just.

How I wish those making the decisions involving life and death could say the same.

Freedom from UN and international laws.

And no, I'm not making this up, feel free to investigate on UN laws violations made by USA.

For those that bad mouth the US, maybe you should look into living somewhere a little less corporate.

I wonder how many of you revolutionaries make more then minimum wage, live with your parents, and have nothing better to do then to bad mouth the country that you live in.

I would also bet everything I have that everyone that talked trash regarding freedom has ever served in in the military.

You don’t know what its like having to be deployed or spend months away from family.

You have probably never even left the country.

YEAH..... I Just got promoted too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, GW being genuine and serious!? Hang on a minute...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH OUR REAL GW?!!

Oh, foe, the cursed teeth! What demon from the depths of hell created thee!

Yeah I've just about stopped paying attention to all this people who think the U.S. Sucks and try to undermine my job, is that also why something like 1 in 5 Americans eligible for service can't join the military because they are either too fat or too stupid to do so? Just wondering what their job is.......... and how much it helps our country, but I am sure being locked up in their parent's basement, playing Halo all day, jacking off to gay porn and eating cheetos is more American than what I do for a living I guess........

you civilians honestly dont know what we go through. unless your a family member of some sort. from whatever job it is and the many hours we endure. to working 20 straight days or shifts unimaginable. alot goes into keeping you free. other countries hate us for it. being able to read this and you dont even grasp the magnitude of it all. be safe my brothers and sisters.

Ask the people in the countries u r invading about their freedom...

And then you display the flag backwards. Stars are ALWAYS in the Top Left. #Fail

#95........ get out of here with that crap!!!!!! everyone hates the U.S. untill they come crying for help! quit trying to make it seem like we are there jusst for fun, like i said what do you do for a living? go hug a tree or something.

People who enjoy waving flags don’t deserve to have one.

My uncle used to say we enjoyed the television in the 70s because he killed so many little brown people in Vietnam. So far nobody has ever come to my door with a weapon in my entire life and I am today going to thank both my uncle and all the nice American kids (and many not nice) who died or may die because they had no viable options lined up for their future and lets thank their Recruiters who you in the military know are the lowest form of scum alive.

Seriously if you are in some other country with a gun thinking you are protecting my television God Bless You and gtfo of that shit so you can go home to your family.


Google "United States flag etiquette"... or simply ask a smart person.

You people disgust me. A man wanted to thank his troops, on HIS website I might add, and you all go off on political rants about how stupid he and the military he supports is. If you don't like it, get the fuck over it, don't show your ass by trying to sound like you know what's going on.


"I'd like to take this time to thank all the servicemen and women who have given their lives so that I can write without fear or censorship. And to those still serving: keep up the good work, and come home safe."
In the name of all the people around the world who were taken their lives and freedom by american laws or wars, I thank them.
The US don't have the same idea of freedom than the real world...

President Eisenhower might have said they gave and took lives for the bad governance of the military-industrial complex. check it out Americans.

I have the utmost respect for anyone who has fought for their country, and I hate the fact that they should have to do so.


First post--- Classy, GW. I tip my beret.

@ 12, 24, 34, and 37, and many more---

Good thing our soldier's gave you the right to post your ignorance without fear of censorship, eh?

To all the servicemen and women that have posted, and will read this- thank you. I look forward to joining your ranks soon.




fuck the soldiers and their war ? you call it freedom to invade other countries ? fuck you america and you israeli faggot buddies

I like this.

My brother's a soldier. He does intelligence. He tried college, didn't work out, but he's definitely not stupid, and he's using the GI bill to get free education when he can. The military is often a way to get education when it can't be gotten another way.

*And I must point out that I know that this war began with little or no basis in reality, but if you had any idea about the things that could be coming our way if the Taliban wasn't distracted in the Middle East, you'd be shaking in your boots and you'd appreciate the troops a hell of a lot more.

TEAM AMERICA "Freedom isn't free" , check it out.

I'm really hoping you just said that to see how many morons would agree with you. Because killing people in a random country =/= freedom of speech.

Thank you indeed!


that was @99

I'll never understand this ridiculous American obsession with the word 'freedom'. Freedom to do what, exactly? Stay at home, watch TV and buy more junk? No-one in the West truly has personal freedom, you have the right to spend your money, consume and do what the government tells you.

Do you really think the Taliban, or Islamic fundamentalists could seize control of the USA? Do you really think that a bunch of sheep herders and farmers with guns are going to come to your country and impose a new order against the will of the US populace?

Wake up America, you are being raised in a culture of fear, taught to fear anything that doesn't embrace your 'values' and your sons and daughters are being sacrificed at this altar in order to expand the pockets of your corporations. The Founding Fathers would be spinning in their graves if they could see the horrors your country commits in the name of 'freedom'. Stop being so afraid, the world doesn't hate you, and those that do can't hurt you.

Be all that you can be America, reclaim what once made you the beacon of leadership, and lead the world through example, not force.

My grandfather fought in the second world war, and he fought to protect the freedoms of millions, that was honourable, that was just. But these wars, where the ambition is to impose 'freedom' on others, they are a pointless waste of the precious lives that Memorial Day is supposed to commemorate.

In the end, my uncle said "little brown people" so many times in reference to terrible things he'd done, it hardly seemed relevant at the time that we hadn't won the war. Maybe if he'd only killed a few more I would have your blessing to tell relay this true and relevant anecdote?

Yeah! I really like freedom of speech. We can say something that : "Oh ma god! Israel killed so many people who just wanted to help. We just have to show we disagree so the people think we are shocked, but because israel make us earn a lot of money, we don't give a shit."
Yeah! You are right! Keep fighting for "freedom". Americans, do you know that there is a world outside your frontieres and that people are living there? You can have all the money you want, but the world is not yours.

Wow there's a lot of crap in here. Anyway thanks to all our servicemen and women. Happy Memorial Day!

What about our military being overseas makes you think that they're keeping our freedom free? Nobody wants to encroach on our freedom, they just want us dead. And them being over there has yet to keep filth like the guy in Times Square from attempting crap like he did.

There is no restaurant day, is there ? Still we give our lives to serve your fat asses every goddam day. People who work in restaurants deserve a holiday too. And don't say: Well you work in a restaurant you dont go out there dying for your country cause we do die inside. At least we try after work, to lessen the pain by slowly killing ourselves with booze. everyone's got a job, so don't come crying yours is better.
It's called SOCIETY.

! understand we didnt go to Iraq for all the right reasons, but you cant say we went with ill intent, that we didn't go to remove Sadam so he could do no more harm. His people didn't want him, and when we went in part of our goal was to stop his tyranny. In both Iraq and Afganistan, we are still fighting the bastards that changed the New York City skyline if you forgot that, and if we weren't over there, those IEDs that account for most of our casuallties there, i garuantee they would be on roadsides over here. Imangine going to work and passing craters, getting to school and finding out a bus with some of your friends didnt make it.
And if you all notice the only ones mentioning any thing about the war and freedom are the ones saying thats not what its about.
The troops main purpose is to protect what we hold dear if it comes to that. But right now they are helping others and hunting those who would do us harm if given the chance.
Oh and mentioned before, ask Katrina victims how much aid was provided by national guard and reserves. Ask Charleston, SC What they think of my shipmates who handed out aid after Hugo. Ask NYC about the hospital ship that pulled in when the towers fell, or the airforce base that help play morgue to all the bodies from that day. The Coastguard that risk life and limb to save you when the seas capsize your boat. We do more than fight, so open your eyes and ears. We are there for you, whether you thank us or shit on us.
Memorial Day is about the sacrafice of the troops, not the BS behind the war, so if you can't respect the troops, respect GW, and find somewhere else to post that trash.

@119 Well said.

this is soooo photoshopped..

@ submariner

If you want to kill the one who destroyed the twin towers go kill bush.

Google "zeitgeist" and find how you marines are used as puppets.

I like that you kept it classy, GW. <3

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