May 18 2010Doubles As Weapon: World Of Warcraft Stein


We've already seen several World of Warcraft booze receptacles here on Geekologie (including the Tankard O' Terror), but LOOK OUT -- here comes another! Haha, you thought I was going to throw something, didn't you? I was. Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Anyway, the World of Warcraft Dragonflights beer stein.

  • Panoramic image of all five incredible Dragon Aspects.
  • Artwork by amazing World of Warcraft illustrator James Zhang.
  • Superior quality fine-grain stoneware with solid pewter sculpted lid.
Handcrafted in the Old-World style with fine-grain stoneware by the world-renowned stein artisans of Ceramarte, our limited-production steins feature panoramic, bas-relief sculpting of exclusive artwork by top World of Warcraft visionaries. Each exquisite stein stands over 10" (25.4 cm) tall, weighs a hefty 3 lbs. (1.36 kg.), and is topped with a sculpted pewter lid.

I've never actually drank out of a stein before but I've always wanted to. I have drank on a cross-country flight though, and let me tell you: boy are my arms tired! Get it? From flailing around when the flight attendants tried restraining me!

Hit the jump for a couple more product shots.



ThinkGeek Product Site
Manufacturer's Site
Fight the Heat This Summer With the New World of Warcraft Dragonflights Stein Mug [walyou]

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Reader Comments

Numero Uno

Shut the hell up Andy.

Shut the hell up Andy.

I would use this to pound Andy's skull in to a bloddy pulp, then drink from it while his wife serviced me.

(Note: J/K - we all know Andy doesn't have a wife.)

This made me horny
I don't get out much...

"The I've never"

Grammar fail.

oh, and FIRST!

@6 first fail.

Anyways, I'm so buying this for my friend... Hes gonna die when he sees it.



How many times do you have to tell Andy to SHUT THE HELL UP?!!!

I saw it on thinkgeek today... for 100$... Sooo... no thx! It's still pretty pimp though!

@7 9 comment no.6 was probably joking about it... so it's not a fail...

@11 What if I was joking about his fail at calling out a fail? O_o

hrmm...the question is...
Is it manly (because it can contain any nectar and it has killer lizards on it) or is it geeky (because its WoW), is there a way to measure? I'm thirsty...

Don't need. I's already gots an ugly mug.

This is a cool gadget site. Keep up the great blogging.

True and horrible story: I dated "lightning bolt" guy for a few months earlier this year.

Ah this is like trade chat only i don't have to log in to witness the insanity. Thank you, GW.

I hope it comes with a straw... I highly doubt any WoW player could actually lift it.

What WOW player is ever gonna touch a beer? And I don't count celebrities because then no one could ever say WOW players don't get laid. If it's true Jenna Jameson plays then she's gotten enough for all of them combined a few times over. I know. I seen it. On the internet at GW's house. Peeping through the window FTW. And really dude? Do you have to wear a snuggie while you fap? it kinda ruins the mood for me. And what was that site you were on last night? That was good. Real good.

I can just imagine the amount of teenyboppers using this to drink mountain dew. Oh well, let em have their fun. You only get the chance to be young and waste your life once.

@19- The whole "all WoW players are single guys in their moms basements" is a huge misnomer. Me and my fiance play and my future In-laws also play. We know many, many couples who play. In fact most of the wankers we run into in game are high-schoolers with a chip on their shoulder. Probably because they can't get laid, not 30 y/o over weight, jobless mommas boys that also can't get laid. LOL.

Oh and also, I could totally lift this stein and drink the hell outta some hard-A out of it. I can't stand beer though.

@ OJ's Mom -- Don't hate.........appreciate - or in your case "ovulate?"

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