May 3 2010Congratulations?: Man Beats Bejeweled 2


Bejeweled 2, a game best known for lowering worldwide productivity 5%, has finally been beaten by a California man. But it wasn't easy! No, it wasn't easy.

A California steel contractor named Mike Leyde recently displayed one such type of persistence by playing a single round of his casual game of choice, Bejeweled 2, for 2,205 hours and 51 minutes over the course of three years. In that time, he collected 4,872,229 gems, earning the game's highest calculable score, 2,147,483,647

Good job, Mike. I can't think of a better way to spend 2,200 hours than beating a game made for bored housewives. What? No I'm not being jealous! Gimme the trophy or I'll cut you.

A short video of Mike's accomplishment after the jump.

Man 'beats' Bejeweled 2 after playing for 3 years [joystiq]

Thanks to Jasper, who beat the game years ago but doesn't like to brag.

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Reader Comments

Que acomplosh for ages.

bejeweled sucks

very interesting...

Snood was better.

should have played WoW

@5 - Or gotten laid.

¡Hola! ¡Hola! ¡¡¡¡¡Espanola!!!!!

@6 true :D

really anything than what he did would have been bettter

@7 also true :D

productivity ZERO.

your awesome!


this is the first time someone else's accomplishment actually makes ME feel better about my life!

@12 I think you mean "you're" not "your". 11 doesn't actually own awesome, just like your grammar isn't actually correct.

@14 Ok yeah, but what about the guy that "beat" WoW by obtaining every achievement? That one made me feel pretty damn good about myself, haha

No one else noticed the fail? No not the fact he spent three damn years playing bejeweled, but the fact he took a screen capture with a camera...

Does anyone want to hex edit a score higher in 5 minutes and make this guy cry?

@15 I think you mean "Eleven," not "11"; you spell out a number that begins a sentence unless it's a date.

i didn't know that was a game you could actually beat!!

good for you, champion of timewasters. i aspire to someday join your ranks!! ;)

@19 you don't start a sentence unless you're not going to sound like a douche.

Point and match :)

It's all about Peggle SON!

If PopCap had been less short-sighted and chosen an unsigned integer, rather than signed, to store the score this guy would only be halfway done right now.


Im confused why is this the highest score isnt it a little odd.

(2 ^ 31) - 1


@21 you don't correct someone else's grammar without first making sure yours is correct. Also, today using double negatives makes you out to be uneducated. Also, also..."douche" is sooo last year.


@21 & 26 how's high school?


@27 Nostalgic =/

I beat Tetris when I was 23, I made the score go into negative numbers. Yea Me!

Did anyone else notice that the guy was the first to "Best bejeweled 2". Nice...

@24 because 2,147,483,647 = 1111111111111111111111111111111 in base2 (Binary) thus maxing out or (Overflowing) the variable which stores the score (IEL it cannot count any higher and will either crash the game or overflow to zero)

It's like the score "container" is a jam jar, one point is a grain of rice, eventually the jar will get full, it's up to the programmer (and eventually the program itself) to decide what to do when that happens, if it isn't handled the program will "panic" and crash, if it is handled, it'll probably say "Congrats" or just go back to zero.

clear things up for you?

This reminds me of the time I beat World of Warcraft. The end guy was hard.


trolls trolling trolls.

@32 yes thank you


thought you oughta know....

there's a bejeweled for your ipad! NOW WITH BIGGER GEMS!!!!!!!!!


pauls paulling pauls

Holy crap! That's [breaks out a calculator, but then tries to pretend the he did it all in his head...] over 2 hours a day on average! Jeebus.

did you guys notice how slow his computer was running.

This is how it was achieved. The game was running so slowly it gave enough time to think moves out.

What a waste of time!!!

Life fail

wuttttt !!!! bejewelled is so not cool enough to spend 2,205 hours on! :o

eff ipads >:/

Why use a signed int for the high score? If they used an unsigned int, that sucker would have spent twice as much time growing a killer neckbeard and not procreating.

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