Apr 19 2010You're All Gonna Die!: LOST Tarot Cards


This is a series of LOST themed tarot cards designed by Alex Griendling. Now I've never had a tarot card reading before because I'm against black magic, but I did go to get my palm read once. You know what the lady had the nerve to tell me? Come back when you've shaved your palm. DON'T JUDGE ME, WITCH!

Hit the jump for two close-ups and a link to Alex's Flickr with all the individual cards.



Alex's Flickr
lost tarot cards: now you can tell the future of the island [technabob]

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I wonder if it comes in a stark white retro looking Dharma box.

Get in line, Ginger.

@1 Niiceeeee

I teared up a little at the Sacrifice. Oh Boone.


Lost would be a lot better if there was a Vampire and a Werewolf on the island with them.

And a Velociraptor.


LOL you made me laugh!!! :3

link to Alex's Flickr with all the individual

Lol, do people actually take this seriously, lawl. The mother one made me laugh.

Just had to comment: Tarot is not black magic, it's white magic ;-) Funny enough, I have never seen an episode of Lost, because I don't believe in broadcast TV lol.

Tarot Cards have nothing to do with Black Magick until you cross the line of "calling upon the devil". I know many people of religion who do tarot and I know a lot of them are Wiccan. (Which does not involve the devil or black magick).
Misconceptions over the death card and devil card in Tarot bring fear to people who have any curiosity in it. You should give it a try. Just try to have long breaks in between readings because people tend to grow an unhealthy addiction to the occult.

Are these for sale anywhere? Even if it's not a full set I like the original cast members cards!

Tarot isn't considered black magic, just a heads up.

Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!


Brilliant creativity



My sister has gotten a couple tarot card readings and they've both been extremely accurate. Yesterday she got another one that had some disturbing predictions about our future together. How accurate are tarot cards at predicting the future?

These are amazing!!! the only problem i see is that John Locke was born in the 50's not the 40's

Oh that's great. Thanks a lot.


Thank you


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