Apr 1 2010Why Aren't You Real?!: Canned Unicorn Meat


Since I have seven loads of laundry in the wash and all my dresser drawers on the porch air-drying because my roommate thought it would be hilarious to saturate my dresser with his urine, I'm not really in an April Fools' Day mood. My anger and concealed weapon aside, this is canned unicorn meat from Thinkgeek. SPOILER ALERT: It's one of this year's fake April Fools' Day products. You can head over to their website to see the others, almost all of which they're gonna regret aren't real products when I steal the ideas and make a fortune. Did I say fortune? I meant sandwich. I can't go around thieving on an empty stomach! Or gas tank (I siphoned yours).


Thanks to JFreezy, SouthSideHope, anabaer, Ktar, Joe, chafir, Brianna, Mollie B, Xuan, Blaqk Panda and Steve, who have all had unicorn burgers before and agree they taste like magic and horse.

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oh, and second!


I WANT IT!!!!!

I WANT IT!!!!!

That may not be real, but I have some unicorn ovaries sitting in my freezer; I try once a year.

I see it's all glittery. My favorite flavor.

Suks to have an idiotardhole roommate.

It looks like dog food with added glitter.


@9, it probably is

I have booked my ticket to County Meath, Ireland!! I need to harvest some semen to sell on ebay again!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene inthe movie Never BAck Down where MAx was checking into ceasers palace and one of his friends asked if this is the real ceasers palace. When the desk clerk didn't know what he meant - he asked. does julius ceaser live here?

that looks like it would stink like shit

Oh god I can taste it *_*

Haha that is amazing

san francisco spam in a can

Somewhere, She-Ra is crying over the recent loss of her winged buddy to the poachers.

Did anyone read Daisy's response? "I can tell it's fake because..."
Because unicorns don't exist, honey?

There better be a some magical unicorn soda to wash this down with...

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