Apr 26 2010USS Enterprise Made Entirely Out Of Meat


I don't care if you're a Trekkie or not, this USS Meaterprise looks delicious. Go on, admit it: you know you'd let it boldly go where no man several guys have gone before: Uranus. God that never gets old.

Eat Up Trekkies! The Starship Enterprise Meat Sculpture [walyou]

Thanks to Jason, who once made a Millennium Falcon shaped hamburger patty. Uh, Jason -- aren't they all Millennium Falcons?

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Reader Comments

Que grease coatings.

Well I see some wooden sticks...

of all the crazy food combos i've seen on here... i'd totally munch that.

OMG. Love. Want.

This is the worst model i ever saw...

People are dumb. Yes, we get it. Meat is cool. Making things out of meat is stupid.

at least it's not freaking bacon

#7, Why do you hate bacon? EVERYONE loves bacon. The photo needs bacon.

meats my seal of approval

@6 Stupidity reminds me of this guy I know named Injut. What a character. He once got an iPhone to get more women, since apparently his mechanical owl tattoo wasn't helping. It's a shame that it didn't work though, and he had to resort to making love to his Cat-5 lady sculpture that night, since only real women dig a guy who plays with his meat.

That's some good meat right there. That Captain can engage my warp drive any day.

I think that needs some bacon added to it, totally missing bacon, nummy bacon.

Captain Kirk's prime directive was exploring heavenly bodies.

To boldly go where no man has come before? I'd like to vigorously express my disapproval of that split infinitive.

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