Apr 23 2010Sure, Why Not: A Gerbil Wheel Bookshelf


I love books. I've read like six of them. One of them twice. My bookworm-y tendencies aside, this is a gerbil wheel bookshelf designed by artist David Garcia (I love your brother's band!). Unfortunately the wheel isn't on a stationary axle, so you'll probably walk yourself into a wall while reading. Or, even worse, traffic. Which reminds me -- did I tell you I saw a guy reading while driving yesterday? Well technically he had a porno mag spread on the passenger's seat and his junk in hand, but still. And they say reading is dead!

Screw e-books, get a circular walking bookshelf instead [dvice]

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Oh. What's the purpose?

that's some weird functional art...how are you supposed to see where you're going?

yeah, I have two of these.
Sometimes we race. Like the hearts of true lovers.

who owns that many books anyway?!!?


@4 LOL.

Why the hell didn't they put the inner rim on bearings so it would be free spinning? Llame. I think that's the same guy that did the hamhumanster wheel with the grass on the inside.

Come on! Unless you cram the books in tight, they will spill out all over the place... What's the purpose, except looking cool, I guess.

hey i for one own that many books and two maybe it will get nerds to get some excercise while they read their dirty books because they cant get a date lol
keep on dancing <('-'<)

Earthquake Report:

Man killed by mobile Shakespeare collection: A Veritable Tragedy.

It is a cool design for me. but a lit bit waste space though...
maybe make small cycle inside the bigger one so can put more book in?

sage goes in all fields


Hey, I love his brothers┬┤band as well. You are talking about "Kyuss", "Hermano" and the like, I guess ?!

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