Apr 12 2010Standing Cat: Now With More Boots, Hat, Cape, Sword, Mariachi Accompaniment


Remember standing cat? Well here he is in a Zorro costume with Tonto accompaniment on the Mexican guitar (vihuela), making him by far the cutest thing I've ever seen. You hear that, puppy suckling a pig after being orphaned by its own mother?! That's right, hand over the gold, you're down to silver. What? What was that?! ONE MORE WORD AND IT'S BRONZE FOR YOU MISTER.

Hit the jump for the best thing you've ever seen.


Thanks to Isaac, Erin and Mayomeo, who *pew pew* I SAID DANCE!

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Give that cat a show!!

that is amazing, gotta love what you can do with the power of computer enhancements... and i second the live action pus in boots

Anyone else notice the creepy added ceiling cat?

i did :)

HAHA that is exctly what I was thinking. I'm glad someone with skill made it happen

LMAO I loved standing cat and i love the puss in boots even better!
Geekology = Awesomness


@2 no one cares about second place- its first looser

Correction Pus in boots.. haha


This is incredibly awesome, but it sucks that they left out one of my favorite parts: the very end when he goes back to four legs again. For some reason, I really loved that.

@5 Thanks for pointing that out! Also, GTA poster is now a kitty one.

@11Haha..... just sayin

I'm wondering what the odds are that #11's is post is supposed to be a joke. First, there's the odds that he'll be looking at geekologie at work (high). Then that he will scream because of an explosion (low, this IS the internet, not to mention geekologie). Then, that anyone will notice (medium odds on this one, I'd be inclined to notice a scream, but it's day of the living dead at some office buildings). Next, that he will get fired (I'd think a reprimand would do it, most people aren't actually working at their jobs are they?). Then, that he would post the story so that we could all mock him (wouldn't be my cup of tea, I'm not saying I don't like attention, but I'd rather not be laughed at by any number of possible internet users). Considering all this, I think Daisy needs to comment about #11's comment.

@14 odds your a dick and ruined the joke. 100%.
im in the military no ones gonna fire me.EVAR.
everything else is true though. way to ruin the funny i bet your just life of the party at the morgue....fuckin dick....

Ceiling Cat FTW!

Another EXPLOSION! Only thing missing is a guitar solo...wait.

Dude: That's not mariachi, it's flamenco.

Just made that post infintesimally better!
Now all you need is Jack Black in strechy pants doing nacho libre style backup vocals sitting on the couch directly behind them.

Two catnip(s) up!

at least it'smildly interesting now...


Nice catch, didn't even see it until you mentioned it.

@14 trats, lol, you really fixed that joke! Spectac. Prbly a little too subtle for some tho.

@15, are you really Kevin, from The Office?

@15 Number 14 is Spectacular, and I happened to enjoy that analysis. He or she can be the life of my party anyday.


#11. Oh you silly corporate zombie, you made me giggle like a catholic schoolgirl.

OMG cats are evolving! Soon there will be a new race of cat people and the war will begin! AHHHHHHH

Every chick in Germany seems to wear boots like that, not that its wrong.

I had not noticed the ceiling cat or the cat poster before. Good catches Geekologists, well done.

...and the GTA poster is now a kitteh poster.... Awwww! :-p

fake and gay


The only thing "fake & gay" around here was your last date!

@30, never dated your mom sorry.

So tell your alchoholic dad to put down the vodka and break the sad truth that you are adopted.

@11 lol, what are you gay?

@30 Ur moms Orgasm was "fake & gay"


hahah yea explosion at the end by far the most awesome thing on the internet

@34 Explosion? Oh the porn with me n ur mom?

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