Apr 7 2010So, You Think You're Fast: The Flash Hoodie


This $45 hoodie from 80's Tees makes you look like some superhero. I dunno, Lightning Man or something. Thor maybe?

This DC Comics Zip-up Hoodie is inspired by the outfit worn by The Flash. The hood has a mask as well as the lightning bolt antennas as seen on The Flash.

Of course, The Flash. Best known for, uh, waving his junk at unsuspecting criminals. Oh you think you're gonna rob a bank, do you? Not if I have anything to do with it! *ZIIIIIIIIIP*....
Why are you laughing? AND WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH THOSE MONEYBAGS?! Hold on, I'm gonna take my shirt off too.

Hit the jump for a close-up of the hood and a very unworthwhile video.


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Show Your Appreciation for DC Comics with The Flash Hoodie [walyou]

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Reader Comments

Fatter than a speeding bullet!

First! To say first :D


Steve Jobs would say: my iPad will kill flash!

@2 You can only claim first if you made the first comment. And even then, it's still idiotic.

I wear this.....


That actually looks pretty awesome.

Finally, a sure fire cure for virginity!

@6, LOL. But what do you wear it with? May I suggest ...

(NSFW, blurred-out junk): http://www.skintightrubber.com/images/medium/rubber_latex_chaps_7959_MED.jpg

@9, im ready, u wanna come?


I was designing my own T_______________________T now it's o so original T_t fuck this! XD

btw.: Hate that video1 XD

Me: how much?
Hooker: a hundred will get you all night.
Me: how much for $1.69?
Hooker: About a minuet and 23 seconds.
Me: PERFECT! (cuz im faster than the flash!)

It would be better if it was made from Lego's, and had a t-rex on the back, and included a crappy Japanese watch, and was in that movie "Never Look Back......"

i own this lol, ordered a medium.. the things so much bigger than a medium lol. but its still kickass

Fake & Gay

Wow that makes him look like a dumb stupid.

This is stupid... Not only is it terrible looking but no one in their right mind would wear that... I would much rather prefer the Mega Man hoodie from the other day! Much more realistic and awesome than this cheesy thing.

@12 naas lol. I admit tho when I saw 1.69 I thought 1.3 squared.

$45??? I had a home-made one of these when I was 8. It looked exactly the same and probably cost ten bucks.

Flash look like a happy rapist.



yeah, and please visite salepumashoes.com......

the flash hoodie, for those who wish to preserve their virginity!!!

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