Apr 29 2010Reader Makes Donut & Dino Birthday "Cake"


Geekologie Reader and Facebook fan Jasmine, who may or may not have forgotten her son's birthday until the day of, went and made a donut and dinosaur "cake" for the occasion. My God I want it. Right now I'm pretending the donut holes on sticks are actually sails and the whole thing is a giant pirate ship. Kind of like Noah's Ark, IF NOAH HADN'T LEFT ALL THE DINOS BEHIND. I swear, I still cry every time I read Genesis. Or listen to them. Phil Collins -- you cut me straight to the heart!

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Thanks Jasmine, my birthday is August 12th and I like creme-filled donuts I'M JUST SAYIN'.

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Reader Comments

troll all day!
race to dinosaur mountain?

heart attack

Sad thing is.... its her son's 23rd birthday..... just sayin

i would eat the hell out of that thing!

Long live the robots!

That's not a cake!!! It's just a pile of donuts, loosely 'decorated' with toys and candels.

Someone forgot to order a proper birthday cake... and put this crap together last minute SON!

I'd still eat it though.

Worst cake ever.

This has got to be the laziest "birthday" cake I have ever seen. Not really Geekologie worthy in my opinion.

cake my ass! its just a bunch of doughnuts stacked up on top of each other. people getting that lazy that they can't even bake a proper cake anymore?

thereifixedit.com wouldn't even call that a cake

It is entirely acceptable... AND DELICIOUSLY AWESOMETASTIC...
to have a giant mound of tasty donuts as a birthday cake.


WIsh here was my mama.

Or she; http://bit.ly/cRYZtK

I can dig it

Do want.

hey, noah DID take the dinos with him, they just couldn't survive in the new environment. so blame the...atmosphere, yeah. the atmosphere's a dick.

carbs. this "cake" has them.

A day late for my birthday, but I'll eat it!

This should be on thisiswhyyourfat dot com

Is it wrong that I see "genesis" but think "geniseks"?

And how do they fill creme-filled donuts anyway? Some kind of creme-shooting tentacle-like thingy? Like that time I was in Japan.

dude those are round rock dough nuts and if you have ever had one you know that that cake is amazing its jiz in your pants worthy

Hey! Thanks for posting the cake.

My son turned 3 this year, but if he wanted a dino donut cake for his 23rd birthday, I'd be glad to make another.

Forget my son's birthday? Are you serious? It wasn't last minute, although it was helpful in planning a party not to have to make a cake. I am not a lazy person. And I adore my son. I thought this 'cake' (and please - if there is one universal rule about what a cake should be, then tell me. Because there are ALOT of different cakes posted on here and in the world) would be fun. You know...fun?

We don't eat like this everyday. Heck, we hardly ever eat like this. I grow vegetables. But for a party? Bring it on. And bonus points to 'Stone'. Yep. Round Rock donuts. If you haven't ever had one, then it's understandable why you might think this is a horrible, lazy cake. But if you have had one, then you know why this cake rocks.

it looks good but is already making my teeth hert

I totally understand your view on the ark thing... It's just racist of Noah!
And happy Bday to your kid

"I grow vegetables" is the foodie equivalent of "One of my best friends is a black guy"

one of my best friends is a vegetable cracker

thanks for the shout out, yea i live in georgetown so me and my friends are always making late night runs to RR for dough nuts nom nom nom there sooo good

Holy shit. My birthday is the 12th of August as well.

...no. I don't want a cookie. I want a donut.

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