Apr 8 2010'Pixels': A MUST WATCH Animated Short


NOTE: Should-not-be-missed video is after the jump.

This is a screenshot of an animated short by Patrick Jean appropriately titled 'Pixels'. It's all about oldschool games invading New York and I highly recommend you hit the jump and watch it right now whether you get fired or not. Of course, I may only be saying that because I want your job. Kidding, kidding -- why would I want your job? YOU don't even want it.

Hit it for both Youtube and Vimeo versions of the video.



Thanks to trentsteele27, Adrian, FDSY, proteon, Alex, Andrew, Metallisteve, tim, Ryan, Neko, Fan_Thomas, Julian M., chiakitea, Trin, Richard, Monique, bioshocker, I Can Count to G, smitty and Kipp, who are all a little square themselves. Joking! You guys are all circles in my book.

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second!! awesome

my wang is as big as a pixel!


You firsters/seconders really need to get laid.

Also, I don't wanna become a giant black cube floating in space.

beautiful :)


I think that's how the world is really going to end... yay! it's going to be fun!

Dude, this guy totally ripped off this movie that was made 2 years ago!


Friggen incredible

Good God! That'll teach me to never leave out an old TV by a trash can!

This is the single greatest event since the creation of the universe!!

they totally should have shown the world trade center getting knocked down super breakout style....err, wait.

If I took a dump, would it come out like Tetris or Space Invaders?

This is the best.

No, the besterest.

i would be understating it if i said i jizzed my pantz from watching this.

That was one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

i would be understating it if i said i jizzed my pantz from watching this.

Holy fucking shit. That's awesome.

It should have ended with the earth pixel playing asteroids. Still awesome.

badass! especially the tetris and brick-breaker scenes. awesome.

Cool game, where can i get it? =p

frogger crossing the street was funny

The end reminded me of the movie 2001.
That definitely is an awesome video.

They should so make a game out of this.

Twenty Seventh!!!

Oh, so thats how the Allspark was created.

Kong's cute. Shut up!

That... was... WICKED!!!

Yes, we know. Everybody rips off Never Back Down. It's become part of life by this point.

Technically those are voxels, not pixels. Voxel stands for Volumetric Pixel, and that's what those are. A pixel is strictly 2D.

Fake & Gay

Great little short, but so annoying that the editing is so bad as he puts the TV down and it moves position.

@34, Yeah, totally distracts from the following scenes.

I think that I wish to die if this happens I like games in over 32 bits or 1000 for that matter I think I will suicide if this happens *shudders*

I wanna to say such idea is too funny.

Meh, I prefer better graphics.

i agree with "

5. Amy - April 8, 2010 3:48 PM

You firsters/seconders really need to get laid.

Also, I don't wanna become a giant black cube floating in space.
" who want's to be a black cube floating in space and yeah they need to get laid of find more hobbies

God is a cube !

I believe this is revenge for everyone upgrading to a X-box 360, Nintendo wii, or Playstation 3. Still worth it......

I love how it's always the French that come up with awesome stuff like this. Trucker's Delight, SuperMoine, PIXELS, they've got talent coming out of the arse.

That was cool! Definately worth the wasted 2:32 minutes.


my fucking internet is so slow its probably taking the same amount of time to load as it did to make this super-awesome-super thing!!

It just went from 6 to midnight over here

reminded me too much of 9/11 ;-[


@48 Though I believe Mario to be an overrated homosexual, him busting a bridge up would have been rather cool.

Looooove iiitttt !


NOW...I know why I don't want to live in New York City. The PIXELS will get you first.

I was thinking that the shitty music really dragged this video down. And there's a reason for it.


It apparently wasn't supposed to be there. Fucking people.

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Video removed ?? : (
I have seen it fifty times but it's not enough : ( : (

so this video isn't on youtube anymore but I found it somewhere else. :) And it's awesome! :)


Thank you Sara :-*

What a trip to see the earth turning into one pixel. It must've taken a lot of time and dedication to make that.

Reminds me of the 8-bit NES made with beads video:


Thank you for sharing that!

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