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'Pixels': A MUST WATCH Animated Short


NOTE: Should-not-be-missed video is after the jump.

This is a screenshot of an animated short by Patrick Jean appropriately titled 'Pixels'. It's all about oldschool games invading New York and I highly recommend you hit the jump and watch it right now whether you get fired or not. Of course, I may only be saying that because I want your job. Kidding, kidding -- why would I want your job? YOU don't even want it.

Hit it for both Youtube and Vimeo versions of the video.



Thanks to trentsteele27, Adrian, FDSY, proteon, Alex, Andrew, Metallisteve, tim, Ryan, Neko, Fan_Thomas, Julian M., chiakitea, Trin, Richard, Monique, bioshocker, I Can Count to G, smitty and Kipp, who are all a little square themselves. Joking! You guys are all circles in my book.

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