Apr 2 2010OMG, OMG, OMG, 3.14 In A Mirror Spells....


3.14 in a mirror spells pie! Black magic! Sorcery! Say -- you think whoever invented pi knew that? Because it sounds like some serious Illuminati shit if you ask me! Suck it Dan Brown, I'm writing this one.

Chapter 1

The Illuminati is probably gonna kill me for telling you, but when viewed in a mirror the first three digits of pi spell 'pie'. F***, now I'm hungry.

End chapter.

Get ready to have your mind blown [chicagonow]

Thanks to Jason, whose name in a mirror spells sex god or something else that's really flattering.

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Reader Comments

Que pumpkins!


3.14 is just an approximation of pie....PIE, is just a word referring to deliciousness.

Your Pulitzer is in the mail GW

I'm going to have to use that next year on PIE DAY.


I'm going to have to use that next year on PIE DAY.


I don't think the Greeks had pie, but I don't know who discovered the number, maybe they picked that letter on purpose. But they probably didn't speak English, therefore the word pie would mean nothing to them and we're back where we started, aren't we?

Proof that secret underground alien lizard men control our government through the use of tasty deserts.

Definitely the best tasting mathematical constant....

I can see through time!

Someone should invent a dessert called "pzipie", because that is what you get when you read 3.14159 in a mirror. Pzipie should taste similar to pie, but be accurate to more decimal places.

@11 brilliant.

It also says "Ale" in leet speak. Pie and ale - now I am hungry. And thirsty. :-)

I love Dan Brown

Facebook knew for months...where have you been?

1337 LOVE IT! And pie, all of it will be mine!


Mind Blown!!!

Seriously you guys didn't know that??

Zomg profound!

That is some serious shit right thar

This is absolutely wonderful. Better than the Crabby Patty Secret Formula.

Wow. I thought this news was old.

@23 Believe me, it is very old

Pfft, this has been known for a while. Also, Pi, not Pie. Can't believe no-one has mentioned that.

You know what b1o spells in a mirror? WEED.

no, it spell 41.3.

Funny how this was discovered over 2000 years ago, and nobody notice this hilarious coincidence.

I want pie, math pie.

Para toda la gente de habla hispana que quiere saber que sucede en el mundo geek.

No duh. We have a 314 community here. 314 is the new 666.

I want some pie bitch

Thats funny cause one of my nicknames is Pi (3.14.....) and the Other is Pie, Scary


This is awesome. I would J177 on its face.

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