Apr 30 2010No Thank You: Terminator Hand Mic Stand


This is a mic stand that looks like a robotic hand. I want to smash it with my guitar and set it on fire, just like Jimi Hendrix would've. It was designed and built by artist Chris Conte (THIS JERK) for Adam Gontier, the front man of Three Days Grace." Now I've never even heard of Three Days Grace, and you better believe I'm not gonna start listening now. As a matter of fact, I bet you $4 if you play their album backwards it's all about robot worship and cyborg orgies. Not cool, guys, not cool.

The greatest mic stand ever made [dvice]

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Have you ever wanted a hand job from the Terminator?
Well, you're in luck today my friend.... just sayin

Need a second one to properly perform "The Minivan."

I love Three Days Grace, and that mic stand. It's so awesome. :D

They were supposed to have destroyed it all. By God, I hope they destroyed that chip! They'll kill us all!

fuck you asshole.

I bet if you play their album backwards it still won't make it sound good. Just sayin.

Hey Closet Nerd, more like Closet Turd...creep

oh boy, whats next terminator dildos.

Geekologie is the only site that somebody named ButtPlug will call another person a creep. I love it.

@6 Go fall into molten lava. *spits in your general direction*

Do want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude the singer from austrian death machine must get one...


@10 You, sir, do not know of ED.

@Closet Nerd. Never wondered; always knew. Turns out they have robotic paedophiles in the future. Something else I know is that pistons + penis = lots and lots of blood.

That mic stand belongs to that man with the girly hair, Tim and our band, Austrian Death Machine. This canadian guy had better be ready for Three Days of getting his face pounded and sounding like a moose.

I would be okay with if if they were to only do covers of our songs; but most likely, there would still be face-smashing, as they are little girly men. They lack discipline.

Now get off my internet!

@16 I like it!

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