Apr 2 2010Luke, Go Get My Belt -- You've Left Me No Choice But To Whip The Force Out Of You


I'm really proud of that title I came up with. No, no I'm not. But I am the proud parent of a Liberty Middle School honor roll student. No, I'm not that either. But I am a pathological liar.

While it's unclear exactly how these things attach to a belt from these pictures, I can only say you'll definitely stand out in the crowd with R2-D2, Boba Fett or a Stormtrooper sitting right above your fly.

All three buckles are available over at the Star Wars shop, and sell for $25.99 (USD) each.

You know what? I don't wear belts. It's true, my girth alone is enough to keep my pants up AND effectively keep my penis hidden from view. And that's why you're here. *dropping trou* So, give it to me straight -- is it still there or not? Gotdamnit.

Product Site
star wars belt buckles: may your shorts be with you [technabob]

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God I hope I don't get first because belts are for people who can't buy the right size pants.

LMS shoutout, nice.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.;

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max was on his moped, and had to deliver bacon to Al Sharpton. Unfortunately Al needed more bacon than Max could carry, and he didn't have time to make 2 trips. So he got smart, and made a sled out of a cardboard box, which he dragged behind the moped. When Baja saw him ride by she commented - theres enough bacon there that we can call it kevin!

He is a pathological liar, I see no belts only helmets

@Daisy I do believe that cardboard box sled being dragged behind the moped belonged to pat sajak. Pat used to use it to move drugs between his studio, del taco & Max's house on the up season - but never a sled. Brilliant

I don't need to wear belts either. After eating my fair share of unicorn meat filled Mexican pizza tacos, I'm fatter than Kevin from the office. So my pants fit just fine now!

@Durand- just make sure you don't get any fatter, because otherwise you'll slip from the "I'm so fat I don't need a belt" phase to the "I'm so fat I need to use both a belt AND suspenders to keep my pants up" phase.



How long until one of these makes it onto Big Bang Theory? Walowitz would.


No thanks, my stormtrooper is in my pants....

You know they have some of these for less at Hot Topic right? (Or maybe the person is reselling the ones from HT? Dunno)


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