Apr 1 2010Looks Scary, Hold Me: Pac-Man Movie Trailer


NOTE: Video is after the jump.

This is a Pac-Man movie trailer created by Geekologie Reader Andrew and his sketch comedy group/production company Therefore. That's a screenshot of Blinky there. Scary, huh? And I, for one, am not ashamed to admit I screamed like a little girl warrior battling a battalion of orcs single-handedly. Literally, the other was on my crotch THE WHOLE TIME.

Pacman: The Movie is a parody in the style of Saw, Hostel, and most other over-the-top torture-porn horror movies. It also blends in the idea of adaptation decay with video game movies, like the Super Mario Brothers movie and Street Fighter The Movie (which I own on DVD, and is so bad it's incredible). Also there's a "guest directed" scene at the end.

I thought it was definitely worth a watch. Of course it IS April Fools', so maybe I'm just tricking you. Kidding, I wouldn't do that. I ALSO WOULDN'T F***ING PEE IN MY ROOMMATE'S DRESSER AS AN APRIL FOOLS' JOKE. Not cool, Jake.

Hit the jump for the trailer.

PACMAN: THE MOVIE [therefore]

Thanks Andrew, and keep up the good work. Say -- is there a part for me? Not to brag or anything, but I was the broccoli in a school play about eating healthy. Maybe you saw it?

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near first! ;D


@2: I'm not sure you actually watched it. If you thought that was lame, you really need to re-evaluate your definition of the word.

LMFAO! I love it! I'd go to the theater to see that. That's so freaking aweful it's spectacular.

lol i got A 404 on the ad up there

Fake. This is just like the time in geekologie where GW announced he was quitting and this was the last post. Luckily it was an April fool's joke.

bbz62 shut your fucking face uncle fucker.

bbz62 shut your fucking face uncle fucker.

Fake. This is just like the time in geekologie where GW reported his own death. Something to do with a pepperoni t-rex and cooking bacon on a nerf machine gun.


You know that in Japan, samurai drive cars?

The lord works in mysterious ways...

Thanks for watching!


lol baddies. nerdrage much


wow, this is old. and I say this not because I've seen this before, but the "coming in 2004" mention at the end of it

This trailer is the shit.
Oops.. didn't mean to type 'the'

i don't understand.. was this actually shown in cinemas or not?


This is awsome!!!!!

IMPRESSIVE, i cant believe they made pacman interesting.


The "release date" of the film was obviously a joke as well.

damn, greatest thing ever. old, but still awesome.

Now they need to make a Tempest movie!


Quite lame, though the effects weren't bad. Script was about as exciting as a list of ingredients on a cereal box.

mmmm, riboflavin and niacidamide!

i thought it was a movie of

manny "pacman" pacquiao

that was shit.

youre a boner biting basterd uncle fucker!!!
to #9

I wrote some exciting novels based on Pac-Man when I was in elementary school. More like brochures, actually.

I got "Street Fighter The Movie" in a Van Damme set a while back. I've yet to get "Double Dragon The Movie", and had kind of forgotten about it until I saw a related picture the other day.
I guessed an upcoming line of dialogue VERBATIM as I watched DDTM. Color by numbers. Also featuring Alyssa Milano as the politically correct "Marian".

Isn't that Marky Mark as Pac-Man? He's been getting some more nuanced roles lately.


what the motherfucking what


omgwtfbbq smoke weed

question: what is the relationship between the image and the video?
p.s. i know whats written in the image :P

cool movie


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