Apr 27 2010Looks Dangerous: DIY Automated Lawnmower


This is a video of an automated lawnmower. Well, technically this is a picture FROM a video of an automated lawnmower, so you're gonna have to hit the jump to actually see the thing in action. Anyway, to make your own auto-mower like the one in the picture from the video all you have to do is tie a string to it and wrap it around a stump or something similar with a little girth to it. Then tape the throttle bar down and you're good to go. Just don't forget the string part. Because I did and next thing you know I'm watching a runaway lawnmower plow through Ms. Jenkin's flowerbed. You know what I told her? Deer ate all her flowers. She bought it too -- old bag's crazy as shit.

Hit it for a short video of the potential disaster.

The Lazy Cheapskate's Automated Lawnmower [gizmodo]

Thanks to Greg and I Swear To God This F***ing Crossword Puzzle, one of whom sounds angry. Greg, is there something you want to talk about?

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Reader Comments

DON't try this at home...

i just srap a chainsaw to my roomba...

That's so crazy it just might work!

what could possibly go wrong....

Pretty sure that's a push mower... and you have to PUSH it, so unless it has some trickery that normal push mowers don't then I call bs. Tis a good idea though.

It mowed the lawn in a spiral, it's art! Extremely dangerous and stupid, yet I still want to try it. This is what comes from watching so many episodes of Mythbusters.

I was flying into a grass airstrip in Indiana about 10 years ago, and the automated airfield phone line warned me to be cautious of "Mowing Operations" at the site.
They were doing the same thing, only with a GARDEN TRACTOR!
Never did go back.

@5 - I guess the phrase "self-propelled" doesn't mean anything to you? Jesus.... where the hell have you been? Self-propelled push mowers have been around for decades!!

You must feel pretty embarrassed.

@ 5 its "black magic" tamed


Wow. Someone actually took an "invention" from a children's book from the 80's or so (The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald) and applied it to reality.

now I don't have to choose between mowing the lawn and sitting around in my underwear... I can do both. Such a timely discovery.


Played TC3 for over 260hrs in my life -suicide-

Can't wait for this to backfire and we'll have a great video...

@5 Have you heard about the rainbow conspiracy? It'll blow your mind.

yes, but can it make doughnuts

Isn't this exactly the kind of wacky invention that is a catalyst for several kids being 'shrunk', I'm pretty sure there's a movie about it, where some kid sets up an automated lawn mower, and in his ensuing free time decides it would be wise to play with a shrink-ray?

Sorry to get all "Sheldon" on you but you cant just wrap it around a stump or just anything. Too thin (like a stake) and it would take forever to finish. Too big and the spiral would be too direct and it would miss heaps of grass.

@5, my grandmother had a self propelled mower......do you live in a cave???

An invisible mexican! SO COOL!

@19 So very,very wrong, yet so very, very funny.

@ 19

LMFAO. You win!

How original.
I guess he'll be discovering fire next then or maybe even inventing the written word.

See this is what happens when rednecks have to much time on their hands.............just sayin

@19 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this is great except for .... where .... what the hell .... where the fuck is my cat.....

Not new. I remember seeing it in a movie about 10 years ago.

@18; just make sure that the circumference of the central anchor is somewhere between 0.5 and 1.0 times the width of the cutting path of the mower.

@19 i am mexican and that is one of the best jokes i have ever heard. thank you!

oooooh, how 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids.'

@23 you're wrong, rednecks aren't that smart

This is straight out of Frankenhooker.

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