Apr 20 2010I'm NOT Drunk: The Irresponsible Video Game


This is a fake video game called I'm NOT Drunk. It's the most irresponsible video game I've ever seen (today) because the entire objective is to convince people you're okay to drive despite being wasted. Well I've got news for you: you're NEVER okay to drive if you've been drinking. Or are a woman. I'M NOT SEXIST, YOU'RE SEXIST. Plus sexy. So, do you forgive me for the whole "women can't drive" thing? Thank you, it really means a lot to me. But seriously, a couple lessons wouldn't kill you.

Hit it for the actual video. BUT NOT IF YOU'VE BEEN DRINKING. Smoking okay.


Thanks to Ryan, who actually directed the video and encourages children to stay in school and lay off the booze until you're at least 30 and really unhappy with the way your life is turning out.

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Reader Comments

I'm NOT Drunk!!


Yess ossifer, I can say the alkabet:

why oh why can't this games be real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooooo much better at MW2 when i've been drinking..... just sayin

the ending of RAD RACER !! :D

This game, if only creat, would be an instant best seller.

That would be a great game, especially drunk!

oh cmon... no drunken rampage at the baby shower? Thats my bread and butter. F*ck crashing a wedding, i get shit housed and hit on engaged women. No ones hornier then the women at a baby shower.

GW, Did you know that most accidents are caused by MEN. Yeah! How many accidents had you have? Me? NONE.


At the UIUC someone made a game where you had to drive back to the dorms from the bars while drunk, and the more you drove the more drunk you became. Just saying that text based games are dead.

Boring! I played this game all throughout my teens and twenties, this is tantamount to playing basketball on your playstation... just go out and do it for real dammit!

Love it >.<

haha women do suck at driving especially Lady Virgen, learn to merge.

nice soundtrack

Woman cant drive? Realy? Now take a look at this video:


Ok, I bet she will forgot how to do that after grow up.

Hah, i play that for real.. pretty easy - just tell them to fuck off :D

Haha loved the Mega Man sounds throughout

@10 shut it. your lips are made to taste the quality of the sandwiches for men, not to talk... Silly bitches

@16 tHeres a video in the related videos secion of her failing miserably at the same stunt. Woman can't drive, god made them short so they couldn't see over the steering wheel but then some douche bag created adjustable car seats

I would play this game every day but It'd be sort of like playing Guitar Hero when you already play the guitar better than Slash.

@15 it is!

*rams car into gws kitchen* what was that gw??? wanna run that by me again? *heads for bathroom* no more blogging from your toilet for you!!!

zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba... YAY!

Not all women are horrible drivers. I SO am! But lets not group us all in one bundle, some of us are ok behind the wheel. It's like sayin all men have small wee wee's, tru for some but not all.

yayyy ima sexy womannn.!
well accoridinqq to the guy who wrote this.
haha :D

A woman pulled out in front of me on a 4 lane road and stopped... in two lanes. great drivers they are. The Mack truck in lane two just barely missed her.

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