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If A 4-Wheeler Banged A Jetski: The Quadski


The quadski is the lovechild of a jetski that humped a 4-wheeler despite Poseidon warning the watercraft that it would upset the balance of the oceans and the moon would probably come crashing down to earth. That must have been some good-ass sex, amirite?!

The Quadski ($TBA) is exactly that: a four wheel amphibious vehicle that tears it up on land and sea, with a top speed of 50 mph on either surface.

I want one. No, two. I'll keep one on land and one in the water, that way I don't have to wait for the thing to transform before I boat out. Smart thinking, I know. God didn't give me two brains for nothing. Haha, what do you mean these are ears?

Product Site (which also has a Hummer model called the Humdinga. Wait, what?!)
Quadski [uncrate]

Thanks to colin and Comfort Eagle, who selectively bred submarines and helicopters to create submacopters.

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