Apr 29 2010I'd Hit That -- With A Fork!: An Ewok Cake


This is an Ewok cake made using a teddy-bear shaped pan and a diabetic coma worth of icing. High-five, Wilford Brimley! (send those testing supplies right to my door)

This is the birthday cake my Wife made for me this year. We have a teddy bear cake pan that hasn't been used much so I suggested making it an ewok from Star Wars for me this year. She did all the work of baking the cake and decorating it, but it was MY idea. =) The store bought cupcake with the LEGO scout troopers was her idea. A candle sticking out of the top of the ewok's head wouldn't have looked right.

You know what would be cool? If the furry bastard had a jelly filling that spilled out like blood when you cut him. No? Okay well how about if a little topless Leia jumped out swinging her tatas around like a lightsaber? If you answered, "best birthday ever!", congratulations, you've obviously never been to one of my parties. Petting zoo, just sayin'!

AntVar's deviantART

Thanks to sham, who once baked a cake using the Death Star's laser in less than a second. That's some serious cooking power!

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Reader Comments

deliciously delicious

@1 you didnt say it so im gna be the douche.. FIRST!

Eat your wa wa!


...but twatface jarred pushes in front all the same.

Get back the bog of eternal stench, loser.

I'd eat the shit out of that Ewok.

Sadly, that's not the first time I have said that phrase......

Lol.. OmNom Nom........ nom.

nom nom nom


@2-4 the short bus must've passed your stop today
@5 I would fork the shit out of that thing, then eat it (...said that one a few times myself)

It looks like the love child of a Care Bear and a Squirrel.

Looks like pedobear

Looks very Yub Yub! I mean Yum Yum

MOM! How many times do I have to tell you? STOP putting my leggos into Icing!!!!!

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