Apr 20 2010Goodbye, Strangers: The Arm Sleeper Pillow


The Arm Sleeper Pillow is a grossly overpriced ($99) head receptacle that has a groove underneath so you can sleep on your arm without cutting off the circulation and having to get it amputated. Of course, this also means no more strangers when you wake up, so it's kind of a trade-off. Now if they just made something similar that prevented my legs from falling asleep when I'm blogging from the can I'd be money. You know how they say 70% of household accidents happen in the bathroom? WELL HOW'S IT AN ACCIDENT IF YOU MADE IT TO THE BATHROOM?! Shitting in the kitchen, now that's an accident.

Pillow Gives Arm Sleepers a Little Circulatory Relief [uberreview]

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Reader Comments

First? :D


I'll take ten!


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadows are all wrong. I know from shooping the wooping alot.

It kinda looks like the scene from the movie Never Back Down where Max's friend doesn't like strangers first thing in the morning, and puts his pillow on a table and puts his hand under it.

What about the other arm?

Best idea EVER. I'm making a hole in my girlfriend too...

What I hate is when my arm wakes up while the rest of me is asleep.

Hmm... the last post, and the fact that this guy's arm seems somehow disconnected have got me thinking Evil Dead II.
That said.
Dumb idea.

i dont trust you ryan

@4 there can only be one Daisy
@7 I hate that too, my arm always wanders into conspicuous places

@this pillow - not baad, not bad at all

Ryan your not funny at all and this pillow is way to expensive!
U expect me to pay for LESS! Lol

+10 to Ryan.
Mourn the passing of Daisy, Hail the arrival of Ryan.

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I love this.

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Holy Shit!?! I need one. :[

one fancy pillow = one regular pillow + two smaller ones.

Obviously Captain Archer there- making sure his phaser arm is good to go upon waking

This pillow is made for me ! At least a usefull invention !

Hey this is something new and different design of pillow and I like it.I think that this arm sleeper pillow has quite higher price.I can say that this is something creative idea with a simple pillow.

Get a feather pillow, £10, problem solved.

@ryan thank you for giving me my daisy fix

@14 nice poem

@GW my toilet is in my kitchen

@pillow i'll wait till the price comes down, but where have you been all my life!

Oh... but I like giving myself a Stranger in the morning.

What is a stranger? I know ya'll dont mean like a unknown person.

Yes, there can be only one annoying, pointless and idiotic poster doing the stupid "FAKE" Photoshop comments. After like a year now, it's way overdone and way lame.


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