Apr 3 2010Dangerous Handshake: Lightsaber Fingers


This is a cute geeky chick with lightsaber finger tattoos. Impressive. Just a heads up though: you gotta be careful with those things. Because I used to have one myself. Sent my girlfriend's vajayjay to the emergency room.


Thanks to Jessie, who got samurai sword finger tats and never uses scissors.

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she is going to regret those ear plugs years from now

Star Trek would have been better

when i think of "body modders" the first thing that comes to mind is certainly not "masters of forethought"

maybe she likes to get fucked in the ear lobe

I just got Mace Windu's lightsaber (the purple one) tatted on my penis!

why did you want a tattoo that was only 1 inch long?

you must be a REAL MAN!

Finally something that's not another cliche finger mustache tattoo.

And plugs are plus, no biggie, it's skin, you can get it surgically fixed!

I see she put the evil dark-side saber on her left hand.

Typical right-handed prejudice. Righty keepin' the man down!

:( You got me silly child... but one thing is bothering me....

Why are you thinking about my size?


ROFL... J.K... Don't take me serious! :)

So I wonder how much of the 'dark side' those light sabers see? And by dark side I mean some other chick's vagina...

So how often does she pick her nose with those things?

She has a forked tongue, too.

Besides the fact that that's an absolutely piss poor tattoo job (seriously folks, find professionals to do your tattoos, not some strip mall shop), they're really stupid tattoos.

@Dishy: The only thing left-handed people have an advantage over right-handed people is the ability to pay a toll tooth. You are all inferior in every other way.

@ A Gay

Left Handed People are typical better at sports then right handed people.
Left handed people have better hand eye coordination due to having to learn how to complete task with both hands.
Left handed people also have an advantage in one on one combat due to the lefty surprise factor(only 12% of people are left handed so nobody expects a left).

the toll both thing is just a bonus

I like her eyes

That's so freaking gross...those holes.

I think shes really cute and dig the tattoos.
And, what difference does it make to you if she has holes in her ears? Get off your high horse and live and let live.

Crooked tatz FTL!

So someone got another dumb tattoo and posted pictures of it.

Stop the presses. Tweet. Get to your blog. Hurry.

She's a'ight looking. Probably an idiot, but only 'cause most people are. You never know, she could be a very intelligent wee gurl. You can't tell someone's personality from their appearance (although, those do look like lightsabers from the original trilogy).

Twenty-Second! Woot!

Happy easter. Happy lightsaber finger tattoos.

@ 20, go fuck a goat if you don't like GW's articles

I regret her getting them already.

@gay Any tattoos done on your hands or feet are incredily hard to take care of.
You're always using your hands, its possible so she messed them up at some point.

But I'm on my phone so it could be that the image isn't clear
And I'm too lazy to get up and check on my computer so...yeah
I'm just gonna say its still possible she messed em up aha

@18 you r00l

she'd be alot cuter...if it weren't for those cockrings on the side of her face

@20, go fuck Samir if you don't like GW's articles

Dang, thought that "Picture" link was going to be your girlfriend's "vajayjay".

Who is this girl? She's stunning. Is she single? O:-)

Meh, my plugs are bigger. I have a saber on my left index and a wand (Sectumsempra, Nigga!) on the right. Bonus, my wife is hot and I make a bunch of money being me! Regrets are for faggots who think their lives should be a movie.

I wish the writers of Geekologie didn't italicize the punchlines. It looks so cheesy and stupid.

isn't that the star trek vulcan cosplay chick?

@ 27 ... go fuck YOURSELF

She remind me of brian molko.

#30 makes alot of money sucking cock

that means everybody should suck cock

haha im laughing at you dumbass

This is clearly the same chick as the split tongue chick:

but in this picture her moles are missing, makeup...photoshop...jedi magic?

Either way, it's interesting to be able to look at people on the street and instantly know they were molested by family members as children.

I don't think it's the same girl as the forked-tongue chick.

Not the same girl; eyes are too green. Also they don't look that similar.

Every generation must rebel ("we are not you"), but in the end there is no escape, that is exactly what you are. There is literally no where to run - you will be commoditized and assimilated - "May I offer you a credit card to pay for that tattoo removal and ear lob reconstruction....?"

We are all controlled by reinforcement of rules passed by those who are merely the tools of a system where achievement is based on deceit of the masses by someone in whom they believe.

We are all controlled by the straight-line thinking of straight-line thinkers who gave up drinking and smoking and sins to avoid being lower than their aspirations would allow them to go.

We are all controlled by fear of the unknown because were not told all that there is to know about things we consider as normal existence, so we accept exploitation and show no resistance.

We are all controlled in our thoughts and actions by things we were told by past generations of parents who used to rebel just the same as we do now, so who gets the blame?

We are the rebels like the rebels before us. Predestined to scream in an out of tune chorus of voices repeating the words of the past that diffuse in the process of aging too fast.

Deep in the soul (if you have one) it tells you to do as you feel not as someone outside you dictates through their own misguided conception of what part you must play in this game of deception.

We are all controlled.

@ 40

The only problem is when you "rebel" you strive to look like other "rebels". It's not that you are rebelling against some sort of oppressive force. You're just creating bonds with a group/identity that's smaller than what you're rebelling against. Getting tattoos and pricings and dying your hair doesn't make you a rebel, it just makes you a different kind of conformist.

A true rebel is a loner. Someone who makes no connections with any type of groups. At least the romantic form of rebels. I mean you still have your actual rebels in conflict with governments around the world, but that is a different kind of rebel all together. Besides the loner rebel thing is kind of sad.

No, you're just a fucking idiot building up a straw-man for what you believe 'rebellion' is. Rebellion is more about doing what you want for your own personal reason. It's not even some active thing, like angst, that you're constantly trying to pull off. It can involve doing the same things 'the man' does, or whatever the current trend is, or something entirely different all together. Rebellion is more about initial intent than the end result. Does the shallow pseudo-rebellion exist on the level you say it does? Of course it does. But are you really going to sit there, with the bit of intelligence I can tell you have, and blanket marginalize everyone with tattoos or piercings? I'm #30. I have 0, yes 0 friends with piercings or tattoos (my wife does have stretched ears, but we met well after the fact). I find your definition of a true rebel to be ridiculously short sighted, for obvious reasons. The small amount of body modification I have I did because I find it aesthetically pleasing. Nothing more, nothing less. Reading into anymore is more of an exercise into the dealings of your own cognitive dissonance than it honestly would have anything to do with me. And no, I'm not fucking myself in the future. I make lots of money, and I will continue to do so regardless of my personal appearance. This is the fucking future. Your faces will be worthless in 20 years.


You are clearly terrible at facial recognition.


This is a complete photoshop job.l You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrogn.

This is exactly like that scene in the moviie Never Back Down where Max arrived at Al Sharptons house with an unconscionable amount of bacon for Als eating pleasure. Max helped carry the tpork into the house in exchange for one of Als kung fu medailons. Max took the madalion and affixed it to the front of his moped as a hood ornament. When he rolled past the Del Tacos, and saw Pat Sajack and Baja wrasslin in the grass nearby, Baja heard the distinctive engine note, and hopped on the back. She sliced the cord holding the cardboard sled, which Pat greedily went after. He was heard to exclaim the only thing better than a cardboard box hoyuse, is one thats infused with baon grease!

@ 42

Touched a nerve did I? I'm sorry I thought most rebels didn't give a shit what people thought of them, because like you said, they are not in it for the image. Also, I'm glad you have earned a very healthy living based on what you have to contribute, but I really wouldn't base your worth as a person on such a value, it would seem kind of superficial. People with tats and piercings aren't automatically "rebels" either. I have a couple of buddies that have various tats because of various reasons (military, their kids names, ect.), so your picture of me is a little askew.
You do have to admit it is a little funny. You throw a poem on the comments page and when someone (ok, me in this case) makes a random comment about fake "rebels" you take it personally. Then proceed to......wait, a minute. You're trolling aren't you? Very good sir, most trolls don't even spend this kind of time and effort into baiting people into arguments. Very well done! For a second there I thought you were a person who was trying to prove your self worth and position in life to a random person on a blog. I congratulate you and wish you well in the future.

Those ears make me want to puke. What tribe is she from?

A) This "geeky chick" is in no way, shape, form, or psychotropic-induced delusion...cute. This is unequivocal and absolute.

2) Lightsabres on fingers had been done since Fingerbang Paul back in 1988 Hong Kong adding further proof to the notion that "there's nothing you can sing that can't be sung"

im not a rebel!! im not a rebel!

because im better than you

drinkin beer in the hot sun

@Jaded Icon,
See, an idiot.
Anytime someone using blanket marginalization to criticize any group of people it should touch a nerve with you. Where is the rule that rebels don't care what people think about them? Sure they do, they're fucking human after all. It's more about how they allow that judgment effect them that matters, really. It's not just black and white here. Care to the conformist extreme or don't care to the rebellious max! I know that having tattoos does not automatically make you a rebel. I even conceded to the very idea in the post you are responding to. The fact that you're pointing it out kind of surprised me; I guess I just trusted your reading comprehension a little too much.
"I have a couple of buddies that have various tats because of various reasons (military, their kids names, ect.), so your picture of me is a little askew."
Why you would go on to add this boggles my mind a little as well. Are you saying that your quote:
"Getting tattoos and pricings and dying your hair doesn't make you a rebel, it just makes you a different kind of conformist. "
does, or does not, apply to them as well? It doesn't matter either way. That's like saying black people are dumb, but you're not a racist because you have a couple, smart-ish black friends. You see, labeling someone a conformist implies that you have some bit of knowledge into the inner workings of their logic, and you don't. They would not be a conformist because happened to do what everyone else is doing. It's WHY they're doing what everyone else is doing that makes them a conformist or not.
I didn't take much of anything personally (but I can see how you thought that; see below). I just decided to comment on how incredibly ignorant blank statements can make someone appear. I even took the time to state that I was sure you were more intelligent than your post let on (jabs aside).

The last part was indeed, my fault. The bit about my future not being ruined was meant to be directed towards other posters further on up the page. Which, to be honest, is merely a bit of anecdotal evidence that really had no place in the post. It was not, however me 'trying to prove my self worth and position in life to a random person on a blog' or however you dramatically put it. Way to keep them ad hominems thinly veiled.

This debate is quite interesting I gotta say

@50 you're awesome.

@Jaded Not about to start a war with you cause I'm too lazy for that shit,
but I have holes in my ears and I can't seem to sit on a train with my hair up without some kid staring, then telling their mom and then having them both stare at me.
At that point I can't decipher who raised the mom who did a shitty job raising her daughter for not teaching her that its rude to stare.

All I'm saying is I'm not trying to look like anyone, I'm just into body mods, I don't do it for other people, I don't do it to be a rebel, I do it for me. Any type of change to the body is considered a body mod. Simple things such as cutting your hair, painting your nails (not for you cause I'm assuming you're a dude), dying your hair a "normal" color, getting fake tits (who doesn't love huge knockers? If you hate mods then you're hating on big ol' tits) or even changing your clothes or growing a mustache, all of that is a body mod, not in the same extent or form but it's still a modification to your image.

My question is why does someone with some sort of body mod automatically sit in the category of people who were touched by their mommies or daddies (in this case) when they were young?

Pretty cool & like another poster said, it's nice to see a finger tat that isn't a stupid 'stache tat.

@ 50

Ha ha, I seriously thought you were a troll or something and here you are defending your ideology to the death to me, once again, on a comment page. I am, in a way, flattered.

So let me just ask you a simple question. When somebody disagrees with you, even jokingly, that makes them an idiot? By that line of reason then the world doesn't contain a single reasonable person.

When you start and end your 423 word rebuttal with insults, "I didn't take much of anything personally" rings a little untrue.

Now here is another couple hundred word argument. My original statements was indeed a blanket criticism, but was more directed to posers and fakes As you said there will always be exceptions within that argument. That doesn't stop everyone (including you) from making them. Getting upset with me over them is really just a waste of time (unless you're really into that). As someone who feels so strongly about your tats and mods we share a common ground, that you should do things for the right reasons. I assumed (maybe wrongfully so) that since you felt I was directing it towards you that you were indeed someone that had the characteristics of my complaint. I did indeed say "you're" or "you" but it was in a general way rather than directing those statements to you as a commenter. I won't apologize for what I said, I still don't think I need to, but you really took this personally. That was not my intent. I was just having fun. But hey, no harm, no foul. Regardless, I wish ya well.

@ 51

Good for you. But not really sure where that last question came from though....

No need for sarcasm, that last question wasn't for you.
But obviously it was taken as miscommunication.
It was towards 36 I believe. So I apologize if it was a miscommunication.
See what I did there?
Circle of life, we can try to say people take things wrong,
but I guess sometimes the things we say need to be a bit more clear
for ex as above the debate between you and the guy who makes good money.

Sorry for all the weird new lining of sentences, blackberries sometimes suck.

@ 55

In this case maybe there is a little confusion. It wasn't sarcasm, I was legitimately asking where your last question came from. I now understand that you meant it for @ 36. Besides, who knows if @ kk, fosho, and "we are not like you" are even the same person. Hard to tell. Like it's hard to tell if "guy who makes a lot of money" really makes a lot of money. Eh, he may very well be rich. Who knows? It’s the interwebs....

BTW: 36 was just trolling.

I didn't mean the question, I meant the "good for you." It could easily be taken as sarcasm. I took it as sarcasm, I guess let me know if it was meant otherwise.

Yeah that was a weird. But I do hate when people just assume the worst of others, especially over appearance.

Did you 2 (or possibly more? lol) really forget about the simple geeky/coolness factor of this pic (real or fake)? Get off of your "I need to make a cool post" horse and take an Oxycontin. <3 you guys for taking time out of my life to see what each of you guys would post next lol. (please don't reply & attack me I'm just teasing...hahaha...see?)

cool idea, the tattoos are really badly done though. and whatever about the gauged ears! I got mine stretched as well :P the way i see it is later our generation as old people there are gonna be tons of ppl with em! itll be totally normal hahaha

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