Apr 5 2010A-Ha!: A Peak Inside The Apple iPad


The iPad, it's...it's...it's iPhone powered! Wocka wocka wocka.

The Inner Workings Of The iPad [nedhandy]

Thanks to Ezrail and Mycropht, who are still convinced little people live in their televisions. Ya'll crazy!

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i'm first.




good thing I already have the iPad mini!


Actually this would be a BETTER product since you'd be able to plug an updated iTouch into it... or maybe even hack the interface and plug something else into it. Double FAIL.

@6 fork-you.... just sayin

Wow. It is 1030am and there is only one new post? How am I supposed to entertain myself through my mid morning eff-off session? If you are going to be awesome enough to cause cyber-addiction, you really need to be courteous to your junkies and crank this stuff out faster and earlier. ;)

@8 he moved to the west coast so now we are 3 hours ahead of his future (my guess is its jsut his feeble attempt to go back in time to hook up with some dinos...or pan handle the tar pits for remains)

as a result we wont likely see much before noon (or 3pm if he's been drinking)

The first tards are on strong today. Probably because it is a crapple post and the douche bag fan boys have to be first to buy whatever piece of rounded corner white iGarbage steve jobs is peddling and first to post first when apple products appear on geekologie.

Richard, you are such a ray of sunshine.

"Peak"? Is there a mountain top inside the iPad? Cool! How did they do that?

Fool me once, Steve Jobs, shame on you. Fool me twice or more, shame on me.

Saw that joke coming a mile away.

@12, Steve has been to the mountain peak and has seen the promised land.
He has returned with the 10 iCommandments inscribed on an iTablet.

MacBook Decal (goatse, not 100% sfw):

i was going to get one of these until I found out there is no usb.

Nice to know you used the info i sent you :)
might post some more

Just a friendly pointer: The title should read "A-ha!: A PEEK inside the Apple iPad." Good post, but attention to detail, especially in the title, is important. :)

You would have to be an idiot to buy an I-pad.

This CAN'T top Dino Metal...
sad follow up to that.

It was fun visiting here. Wishing you a great day!

Wow, you people seriously have absolutely no foresight, imagination, or independent thought.

The iPad is a glimpse of the future. It's the next BIG thing, like CARS, TVs, COMPUTERS, etc. I'm not saying only Apple's, I'm saying everyone will have an iPad like device in 10 years. It's going to be so many things in one.

If Sony or MS had come out with it, I'd be saying the same thing, except that Apple has a way of marketing that gets its products out there much faster than other companies. It's far from perfect in version 1, but it will soon be.

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