Apr 15 2010$10 Million For An Apocalypse-Proof Bunker


Want to survive the apocalypse? I don't. I want to be the first one to go. But if you're hellbent on crawling out of a bunker 20 years from now and trying to mate with freaky, mutant animals, have at it. Hey, it only costs $10 million to buy into the Vivos apocalyptic bunker scam. What is the Vivos apocalyptic bunker scam?

  • A nationwide network of 20 secret, deep underground community shelters.
  • Owners-only, long-term survival accommodations for over 3,400 people.
  • Owner candidates reviewed upon a number of criteria and psychographic information.
  • Multi-level shelters, each consisting of over 18,500 square feet, for 172 to 200 people.
  • A spoke cluster with 10 radiating wings surrounding a 2 story central dome.
  • Designed and outfitted for up to 1 year of underground survival.
  • Fully furnished living quarters, with semi-private bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  • Self-sustaining facilities complete with food, fuel, water, clothing, medical & security.
  • Able to withstand a 50 megaton blast within a 10 mile radius.
  • Engineered to protect from a nuclear blast, solar flare, tsunami or biological attack.
  • Deeded equity and willable ownership in a specific Vivos shelter.
  • A DNA depository available for every living species on Earth in Vivos refrigerated vaults.
  • A private venture developed by a group of entrepreneurs and corporate visionaries.
  • Network completion mid-2011, providing "life assurance" for 2012 and beyond.

Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and just take my chances with the apocalypse. And by take my chances I mean punch it in the taint BECAUSE IT AIN'T MY TIME TO GO. You hear that, Grim Reaper? I will tear your skeletal balls off and stomp 'em like Atlanta Grape Lady! Oh -- AH! UUUHL UUUHL UUUHL UUUUHL UUUUUHL!! UUHL UUHL OOH OW OW OW OW!! OH STOP, OH STOP!! UHL UHLLL, I CAN'T BREATHE UUUHL UH

Hit the jump for a video tour.

$10 million bunker shields billionaires from nukes, evildoers [dvice]

Thanks to Remy, Sharon and marcus manmeat, who will survive the apocalypse using their wits and cunning alone. Riiiiight. You guys are all goners.

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Reader Comments


OMG....real life fall out 3!!!!!



Ok... *dies*

Add the FEV to the water!

GET THAT ROBOT HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAIL: not enough guns n ammo, that would never fend off the zombie apocolypse

I think they are worried about the mayans.

they should be ... they where rarely wrong

Watch out for Deathclaws when you come out, me well, i'll probably will have kidies with a mutie and become a cult raider leader :)

I think George Carlin said it best when he said "Rich assholes can survive ANYWHERE."

@9 - Is that why they are all dead now?

This will suit my plans perfectly, very fortuitous, hmm and easily affordable, excellent, and one year is long enough for the effects of the virus to have burned themselves out on the surface dwellers... mmm yes very good.

Jeeez, it's Fallout .... every single installment had the theme of the vault dwellers.

Rather dumb to assume Fallout _3_ was the origin. Jeezsus H. it's the third installment of the series...

Gotta love the TV's and computers in there because in an apocalypse that shit won't work !!!!! WTF would you watch on TV when everyone is dead & who would you e-mail when the internet crashes for good !.

+ Zombies can live for a long time.

@14 Never played Fallout or Fallout 2....because knowing is half the battle.

Dammit i was going to call fallout. way way too late ='(

Bravo, Vivos, for exploiting our apocalyptic fears! If the Bible says it, the Mayans predict it, and the Government is hiding it...then it must be true! Don't forget, a Cracker Jack prize I found once also predicted the apocalypse.

Get me my conspiracy pants, pronto!

First place I'm going to attack once the nuclear blasts turn me into a horrificly scarred, glowing mutant/zombie and I amass an army of similar mutant zombies? All these stupid Apocalypse-Proof Bunkers.

We will eat the brains of the rich, then sit back in comfort and watch reruns of Two and a Half Men.

Viva Vivos!

So is that fridge with all the dna samples going to include mosquitos like that idiot Noah did on his ark? He took two of everything but why the hell did he take the mosquitos?

And why is Vivos going to sell space in these things? Won't money be worthless after the apokyclipse.

ill only buy one if it comes with that eerie music.

Sure, 1 year! 'Cause everyone knows it'll be fine to go back outside just 1 year after an 'apocalypse'.
I think the'll all go canibal before that though.

They'd not let me in anywho.
The bunkers would be the other side of the ocean, and I'd never get selected 'cause I'm crazy.


This is why conspiracy theorists shouldn't be allowed money!

Sweet music though.

i want to build a hole in the ground and take rich peoples money tooooooOOOooo....

i remember when i blasted megaton. those megaton folk only WISH they had this thing!

I doubt there will be much warning when the world comes to an end. And if you did it would be pandamonium. So unless you live right next to it, you probably won't make it to there.............fail..............just sayin

Let the Psychological experiments BEGIN!

(I don't envy the rich suckers who are placed in a vault with a panther...)

@14 - Thank you! These idiots just assume that Fallout 3 is the only one.

And only 1 year of underground survival? Vault Tec, I mean Vivos needs to up that to a few hundred.

"A DNA depository available for every living species on Earth" reminds me of 'Futurama's: Into the Wild Green Yonder' where this thing has the job of collecting the DNA of all animals that have/will go extinct

And the "Atlanta Grape Lady".... last night, I totally watched that episode of Family Guy where they parody her
...... just sayin

Is it just me, or does anyone else thinks there's no way $34 bi could build all that? That, if assuming there's no profit (yeah, right...).
It's probably just another Resident Evil' Umbrella Corp. facility...


What program is used in making the 3 D models? it looks better than google sketchup.. anyone???


too bad you are screwed if your bunker is suddenly underwater. no provisions for air mentioned, how do they plan to power it for a year? and for 10$mil, you get community access with SEMI-private bedrooms?

That's the point! These guys are creating paranoia and taking your money because they know 2012 is a load of horse shit! They will all be in Cabo while the suckers who gave them money have to smell each others underground farts for a year! On that note...................I'll take 5, just sayin.

I say we all arms ourselves with weapons, C4 and cutting torches and bust in and take over the yuppy clan when they least expect it. We can use them for emergency food rations.

Would have been more epic if they would have named their company Vault-Tec.

I feel like fallout created this first,.....

I would so live there.

@12 There are still quite a few Mayans in Guatemala, the Yucatan Peninsula, Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize.


I'm gonna start a company called "Vivas" and sell space for 9 mil.

The kicker is that I'm not actually gonna build shit. I'm just gonna make a video and tell people I have one and that they aren't allowed to see it for security reasons (they get an encrypted file, that contains nothing, which i say will reveal the locations in the event of an apocalypse with a key). Hey, they only get to use it if there's an apocalypse and if there is an apocalypse we are all fucked anyways. What are they gonna do? Sue me when they found out I lied? errr....... Have I been talking out loud again?


And lol @ all the fallout references.

@39 well I'm gonna make a company calles vault-place and make a video walkthrough of some place on earth and charge 8.5mil and then build a sels sustaining space station where i'll be sippin drinks watchin the world go crazy.

I'll also be shooting giant lazer beams down for fun.

On a second note, if there were to be a solar flare then i'll be dead also but at least I'll be dead in space.

well when i turn into a zombie ill look for this fucking place

This is the most Unique and innovative bunker I have ever seen, I dont know that it can save u from Apocalypse or not but it will be very helpful when there is a storm.

"A DNA depository available for every living species on Earth" reminds me of 'Futurama's: Into the Wild Green Yonder' where this thing has the job of collecting the DNA of all animals that have/will go extinctwalkstar

@1, you were the first and right on the spot...
That really smells like those adds about fallout's vault vault..."Don't let your children die...subscribe for a vault right now.."

2012 life insurance ^<

wait, there was a fallout game before fallout 3? i thought they were just being ironic with the name??

I couldnt help but look around for things to kill myself/others with during that entire video haha.

It's Vault-Tec you can't trust them!!!!

Unless I get a Vault-tec lunch box and a bobblehead.

They better throw in some extra water chips if they expect that much money.

@ 12

They did predict the extinction of their civilization at the hands of 'White bearded devils from the East'. They kind of got that one right...

there will be room for africans in the dna fridge?

@deomew haha fallout vault 43


I'd buy one of these and throw vault tech stuff all over lol.


Ooooh Gaaaary... GARY!!


Im confussed as to why it has tv's in it, surley an apocolypse would wipe out tv stations :S

Lol dont forget the E.D.E.N

Hmmm... What about Erffquakes? What about flooding, once this puppy is underwater I think things will go bad real fast...lol, plus everybody knows that to save yourselves you need 1 billion euros and need to be a fat russian with two whining ass kids lol

Hmm, do they have a baby ward for when the inhabitants start procreating like jack rabbits (since the tvs and internet will not be working)? No clue why they have computers and television screens in the complex when the rest of the world will be full of zombies and no one will be able to take care of electricity problems/satellites.

I've seen what happens in these "Vaults" (don't sue)! I will take my chances with the mutants, and robots... moar robots...

How do you draw up the specs to withstand the indeterminate magnitudes and characteristics of cosmic radiation? Everything else seems plausible if not prudently wise except for having the egotistical gall to believe we have a contingency plan for our star. A star, people.

I just think that this whole Idea is slightly retarded. "Designed and outfitted for up to 1 year of underground survival." Okay, so after that year you are pretty much fcked. I guess it really depends on how the world came to an end, and all of their electronic equipment would be useless anyway. So the " DNA depository available for every living species on Earth in Vivos refrigerated vaults." will also be useless. I mean, if you want to waste 10 million dollars on something you're going to be trapped in for a year. Go ahead.

I mean, I don't think I could live for a year in a cramped place with a bunch of richies.

Screw this I'll stay at Tenpenny Tower

I don't know why everyone's so obsessed with zombies.

The vault experiments were never designed to rescue the people that lived inside of them. They were a vast social experiment, designed to study pre-selected segments of the population.

woo hoo...capitalizing on the 2012 misunderstanding hype....man.

so they have the DNA of every living animal on earth? How the hell is that going to help them? Its the apocalypse!! How do they intend to use that DNA to bring back all the animals? clone them? Because nuclear holocaust and disease and Giant rocks from space totally dont destroy all technology.

Yes, one year will definitely be enough for all the population to die off and you rich cats can emerge to repopulate the decimated world with your pristine DNA. Oh, right, because an apocalypse that destroys the world will somehow leave it liveable and your coffin escapeable? Doubtful.

It's relieving to know that I can be stuck with 3,400 people in a lobby reminisicent of a highschool cafeteria.

A true fallout shelter shoul have a self sustaining "greenhouse", and water recycling setup. You might have to be vegetarian, but you'd be alive.

So do they provide people who can "create" those now extinxt creatures from said DNA?

If I wanted to survive one year only I'd just move to Utah and take up Mormonism.

these guys are just going to miss out on all the fun

what happens when the refrigeration goes out in one of these mother fuckers and everyones icecream sandwiches melt. and there is no one to drive up and fix it. its gonna be shitty. here it is, tim leary said that man is not designed to live in the swarming insect hive life that this 10 million dollar quick fixit is made to do. i would spent my 10 million on some nice lawn chairs, some beer, and some good fucking reefer and get a front row seat to the end of the world. but i only got like 16 buck till next payday i think.

this is a bunch of bullshit its a giant SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no shooting range, .50 cals, or otherwise

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