Mar 5 2010Star Wars Music Video For Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok'

I have no idea what a Ke$ha is, but apparently it makes Ke$hitty-ass music. Whatever the case, this is a Star Wars themed music video for its song 'Tik Tok'. The video is actually pretty awesome, but I watched it with no audio because I didn't want to gouge my ears out with a baseball bat. But, for the sake of investigative journalism, I'll give it a listen....

Er'erybody gettin' crunk, crunk
Boys tryin' to touch my junk, junk



Thanks to Vane$$a, who's twice the monetary symbol Ke$ha will ever be.

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Nobody said it better than Watermelon when she likened ke$hit to bobcat goldthwait. I honestly can't tell a difference.

i feel like a lesbian now :D

Oh wow. Star Wars, Star Trek AND auto-tune?

Stupid fucking song, but cool video.

what's in jabba's name?!

see how upsetting that song is? i've got grammatical errors up the wazoo. i'm all over the map =(

holy shit this is amazing

Liberace gay. And $ is not a letter.

hate the song but that was fucking hilarious

WTF! If they had hot girls at the end how come they couldn't get any of them to play Leia? The whole way through I was thinking they were hard core dorks because they couldn't get a girl to be in the video....then the ending just blew that theory out the window....


air force version of tik tok

@15 - Pretty sure that video violates the don't tell policy.

@15 thats fuckin hilarious..... awesome....

Kesha (I refuse to use the F$#@! dollar sign since SHE AIN'T MONEY, PLAYA) and Lady Gaga are the same person doing the same damn songs. Put them both in an MMA octagon. Two go in. There can be only one.

So Kesha talks crap about Britney Spears lip-syncing while she dances and performs on stage yet Kesha has to use auto-tuning... probably because every pop music artist is doing it nowadays and she has to fit in.

Kesha SUCKS ( I refuse to spell it with an $) And so does this video.

Am I the only person pissed off that they mixed Star Wars with Star Trek in this video?

D!$hy <3 Ke$h@

that was pretty motherfucking awesome

but i'm drunk so of course i like kesha that alcoloholic bizaachhh

ten times better than anything.

@ 21. Yes, yes you are.

I liked the video alot.
Song was alright, I guess.

Wizard Of Oz rules!

Yes. Everyone else thought it was witty.

What the fuck was that... abomination? both my eyes and my ears are bleeding after that video. Yeah, the video itself was alright... but it wasn't good. but... ABOMINATION!

so creazy

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