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Snowman SnowMario: Geekologie Reader Makes Snowman Of Mario In Penguin Suit


With all the snow that's been falling recently, it's always fun to get out there and do something with it. Me? I write my name in it. WITH THE BLOOD OF MY FALLEN ENEMIES! Kidding, with bottled urine. But Geekologie Reader Magefire took the opportunity to create a penguin-suited Mario from the New Super Mario Bros Wii. Good lookin', Magefire, I'd say he's one tophat short of coming alive and shooting snowballs. Just don't go dressing like a goomba *cough* Jersey Shore *cough*. Go-go-gadget propeller helmet!

Hit the jump for one more shot.


The Art of Snow [theartofart]

Thanks to magefire, the magical burninator.

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