Pfft, Forget Basketball: Superhero Brackets

March 25, 2010


For those of you that don't care about college basketball, here are some superhero brackets created by ESPN so you can feel like you're participating in something. Me? I only participate in pageants and ménage à trois. Back me up, hands. I'll sit on you!

Nerd alert! We've ranked the top 32 comic book superheroes and supervillains -- now it's your turn to help us decide who will win "The Herd's" March bracket.

The Incredible 8 have been announced and voting for the Fantastic 4 is underway!

You can go HERE to vote if you really care. I don't though, so I didn't. Superman vs. Wolverine, really? How is that even a matchup? That's like pitting my Chicago Cubs against a 10-and-under girl's softball team. Should be close.

Superheroes vs. Supervillains Bracket [espn]

Thanks to pstonebatman, who throws games to make the other team feel better about themselves. Dammit pstone, YOU WILL NEVER BE A WARRIOR.

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