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Pfft, Forget Basketball: Superhero Brackets


For those of you that don't care about college basketball, here are some superhero brackets created by ESPN so you can feel like you're participating in something. Me? I only participate in pageants and ménage à trois. Back me up, hands. I'll sit on you!

Nerd alert! We've ranked the top 32 comic book superheroes and supervillains -- now it's your turn to help us decide who will win "The Herd's" March bracket.

The Incredible 8 have been announced and voting for the Fantastic 4 is underway!

You can go HERE to vote if you really care. I don't though, so I didn't. Superman vs. Wolverine, really? How is that even a matchup? That's like pitting my Chicago Cubs against a 10-and-under girl's softball team. Should be close.

Superheroes vs. Supervillains Bracket [espn]

Thanks to pstonebatman, who throws games to make the other team feel better about themselves. Dammit pstone, YOU WILL NEVER BE A WARRIOR.

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