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Girl Plays 'Irreplaceable' On Three iPhones, PLUS BONUS SINGING!


This is a surprisingly worthwhile video of a chick playing Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable' by using different apps on three different iPhones. The first 1:30 is her setting the phones up to play the song, but she actually starts singing after that. And it's impressive. Not as impressive as the fact that I drank 22 mimosas with brunch this morning and still decided to write tonight, but we can't all be superhoes. SUPERHEROES. I meant superheroes. Kidding, I'm skanky.

Hit it for the video.

Applegirl002 Cranks Out Beyonce Using iPhones [iphonesavior]

Thanks to Michael, who tried the same thing with Miley Cyrus' latest single and only got 40 Youtube views because that song sucks big ol' buttholes.

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