Mar 31 2010For The Love Of God, Shower: Geek Soap


Soap, as you may well know, is an integral part of cleaning yourself unless you're European. And what better way to keep your gooch minty fresh than a giant D-20 soap on a rope? Plus no more prison shower sex! Kidding, kidding, still plenty of prison shower sex. Anyway, Etsy seller The Pink Toque has a series of geeky soaps affectionately trademarked GEEKSOAP. And it's not all dice either, hit the jump for some Star Trek, binary, Cthulhu, and other geeky soap action. Now, who wants to scrub my back? Oh yeah, lower. Lower. Lower. What? Don't act like you've never touched a dingleberry before.

Hit the jump for more and another link to the Etsy store.






The Pink Toque's Etsy shop

Thanks to Bexx B, who threatened to wash my mouth out with soap. OH NO YOU DI'IN'T!

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This is a complete photosjhop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Neve Back Down where MAx and his friends were sitting around the campfire eating beans and farting.

I wonder how they smell

a d-4 is used like a caltrop

The binary soap is alright, they're also made out of that california soap people have everytime I go to the west coast & stay a few days. The rest of them, no thanks

could be used as a butt plug...just sayin...

@2 love you

lets be honest, geeks don't shower.

@2 - I've never seen anyone be so creative while joking about a picture being a Photoshop job. Please go die in a fire.


I think...

I want some of that Star Trek soap!

Bubble me up, Scotty? :S

Daisy... I think your posts would be more effective (funny) when they're actually relevant to the post.

FAKE! You're just like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max told Baja to get out of Daisy's life and to quit eating all their steak.

I'm European and I use soap.

i just bought some...1-up for me!

@14, he meant for washing, silly.

Besides, England isn't really Europe.


@15. What else would you use soap for?

Isn't Britain in europe? Those teachers lied to me! Again!

@18 I'll teach you a few other things you can do with soap. ;) Care to sign this form of consent?

@19. Hmmm, I'm not sure. Does this involve me bending over and thinking of England?

@20 You could just think of me, instead. I could care less of your personal preferences. Whatever tickles your pickle.

@18, England isn't part of Europe because it's an Australian penal colony.

Why else do you think Her Majesty the Queen of Australia is on the money?

@21. I have to 'tickle your pickle' as well?

@22. So that's why Queen Sheila is on the money! We're an Aussie penis colony!

@23 Only if you don't mind doing it. It don't confront me none, long as I get my rent paid on Friday. Just as long as you enjoy the feelings of zeroes and ones on your hindquarters, that'll float my boat just fine.

You're Welcome!


Your image links never fail to amuse me. Wish the name links would be reinstated.

screw you man we europeans do wash ourselves... once in a while.

Love it! Want the "π" soap.

More like PRISM shower sex scene -amirite? Yeah?

european doesnt exist...

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