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Uh-Oh: Facebook Linked To Rise In Syphilis


has been linked to a 4x rise in syphilis in some parts of Britain because "it has given people a new way to meet multiple partners for casual sexual encounters." Geez, whatever happened to scrawling your number on the urinal divider in rest stop bathrooms?

The virus has increased fourfold in Sunderland, Durham and Teesside, the areas of Britain where Facebook is most popular

"There has been a fourfold increase in the number of syphilis cases detected with more young women being affected.

"Social networking sites are making it easier for people to meet up for casual sex."

Listen, before any wild rumors get started, I want it to be known that joining Geekologie's Facebook page won't give you syphilis. But it will make you smarter and your penis thicker. Me? I should probably un-fan myself.

Facebook 'linked to rise in syphilis' [telegraph]

Thanks to @glitterglamour_, who loves sparkles almost as much as I do.

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